Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Skating’s like breathing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I stopped, I feel like drowning. That metaphor
got dark real fast. You’re a beautiful skater. I’m done.
That was my last skate. You’re just a little scared. I’m not a little scared. I’m terrified. You were perfect, and now when I look at you,
all I see is wasted potential. I could whack her knee
with a bat? Or is that too ’90s? I’ve seen some
of your old competition tapes. You were fearless. You’ve been watching
tapes of me? It’s my porn. Mom didn’t think
I could do this. I need to show her I can. It’s about romance,
it’s about tragedy, it’s about sex. Works for me. Kat? I’m used to skating alone.
I need time to adjust. I’m going to ruin everything. If you ever drop Kat
or hurt her, you’re gonna
wish you didn’t. I just figured we could go
all the way to the Olympics. No pressure. You’ll never be a champion.
Never. Is everything okay? It just feels like
everything’s falling apart. Everyone can have
a new chapter.

100 thoughts on “Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. why netflix en every serie put a black guy ??? wtf dude.. white women hate black guys… White woman who respects herself has only children with white men … black men destroy genetics and ugly children are born

  2. Johnny Weir acting. That will be fun! I thought maybe he would be the expert skate consultant, but IMDB lists him with the cast.

  3. when I saw the thumbnail I though this was going to be about nancy kerrigan but then I remembered that no one gives a shit about nancy kerrigan

  4. Love the representation, but I just think that film needs to be more accurate with what training and skating really feels like. Watching skating movies or TV shows never left me with that same feelings I would feel when I trained

  5. Was I the only one getting Effy flashbacks when she was dancing at the party and in the bath tub? 😭 This looks amazing!

  6. 1:21 it's Tessa Virtue's dress in the Olympics! The Moulin Rouge dance!! 😱 And she physically looks a lot like Tess!

  7. This looks like the type of movie where you have to throw all your emotions away before you watch it, so you don’t get messed up from it. I love it.

  8. What is this? It looks like a remake of Blades of Glory but they've changed one of the characters into a woman! Will this virtue signalling never end?

  9. This is like a skating-based Black Swan! Also why do I love Effy's American accent even though it sounds like Jennifer Lawrence??

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