100 thoughts on “SPONSORING A 14 YEAR OLD SKATER

  1. Im 17 and i start parkour like 2-3 months ago and i like it…skateboard, parkour and graffiti is a one single sport for me!

  2. Damn I love their spirit! They dont tend to look down or underestimate younger skaters! They even encourage them to be better

  3. The fact that the Olympics will have skateboarding is gonna be crazy to see japan and Brazil do work. I’m pretty excited

  4. You guys made this kid feel like family. You guys are awesome, keep bringing this lil dude out he fucking rips

  5. Kyonosuke just recently just changed his Instagram to (Kyonosuke_Yamashita) now. just a heads up if your'e looking for it

  6. wise words
    “and another thing y’all better start stalking the fucking freezer with hot pockets i’m out”

  7. Qotd:Do you skate or no? Maotd:Yes, but I would only give myself a 4/20 based on my ability because I can only drop-in, ollie a little bit, & a backside kick-turn on a ramp. That's pretty much it. 1st reply gets a follow on Instagram.

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