♪ Inspiring tune ♪ See? This is the rainbow of happiness come to destroy Ivry-sur-Seine, because it deserves it. 30 DAYS OF ROLLER SKATING
♪ Louder inspiring tune ♪ Spring has come, and both for your physical
and mental health, I’m going to motivate
you to exercise. You, on the other hand, can motivate me
with thumbs-up on this video. I love to learn. And, summer 2016, I started
roller skating. I progressed steadily. A year later, I had
a decent balance, I knew how to turn, how to brake, but I was still unsatisfied
with my skill level. I wanted to shift into high gear,
so I challenged myself to roller skate, everyday, for 30 days. And though I wasn’t proud
of my skating skills, I decided to bring you
along to show you that whatever activity you fancy,
whatever your skill in that activity. you can get better and enjoy it. ♪ When you want to get ahead on such a
project, regularity is paramount. Ideally, you must set the daily minimum amount
of time you ought to dedicate to that project. The difficulty with that is we always
find good reasons not to stick to it. Such a challenge has the advantage
to remove all excuses. I systemically went out carrying my skates,
so that I could seize any opportunity to skate. Worst case scenario: if I hadn’t skated
on that day, just before I went to bed, I needed to go out especially
for the challenge. ♪ Try-out for the 2017 Paris roller skate marathon
Timing over 2.5 km (1.55 mile) The maximum allowed duration to finish being 4 hours, you
must be able to sustain an average speed of 10.55 km/h over 42.195 km (26.22 miles), or half of that if
you team up with someone for the half marathon. I skated at less than 15 km/h. [Chuckles] That’s tough.
[Chuckles] That’s really tough!
[Bursts into laughter] First thing, I reckon it’s a no for
the whole marathon, in two months. It’s a big no-no! Maybe the half marathon, if I manage
to motivate someone crazy enough. Given than I need to get
motivated myself first! Now is the perfect time to open
a parenthesis about… Being accountable is one of the tips which allow you to psychologically
commit and avoid backing up. Establishing a framework with the daily amount of time
to dedicate to a task is the bare minimum to succeed, but it’s ultra easy to lie to oneself. Whereas telling tales to someone
else requires much more effort. I’ll make another video on that topic,
in which I’ll go more into detail. I’ll put it as a suggestion card, on
the top right corner when it’s out. As for this challenge, I was shooting the video. So that, though you didn’t know, even though
this channel hadn’t been created yet, at times, I talked to you through the camera. I felt accountable to you, with a delay. And I didn’t want to found myself, on the 11th
day, explaining to you why I had failed. But maybe I failed after all!
No spoiler. Anyway, I decided not to
run the half marathon, but if I had, I would have immediately
looked for a partner, so that I would have been compelled
to go all the way. This is a very simple tip to
complete such a project: pair up on the same challenge. Here I close the parenthesis. ♪ Well. Everything went well so far. But here’s an idiot pointing a
laser beam at my eyes for fun. A tumble over tactile paving with straight edged
blisters, apparently designed by a Lego brick fan. But all this was nothing. I’m only disappointed that I couldn’t
get an actual tumble on camera, so that I could show that even with
my weight you can fall harmlessly. Even the ground, slick
with rain was okay. The real problem took me by surprise,
on the night of the 16th day. Well. Here, I’m doing this, really
only because of the challenge. Because I swear this is really tough. [Painfully exhales.] I’m SICK! Don’t try this at home! [voice over] I don’t know what happened. I felt all right… I rode on the bus for 10 to 15 minutes, and when I
got off, I felt unwell, tired, with slight nausea. The wild driving of Greater Paris
bus drivers probably didn’t help. Anyway, in less than a quarter of an
hour, I went from fit as a fiddle to the state you wake up to
when you’re really sick. I could barely stand up and I feared I could
suffer from overtraining burnout, because it happened to me in 2004. Although, from the beginning, I had
tried to manage my effort at best. It’s one of the reasons why I often
roll slowly in this video. And frankly, if it happens to you,
be less of an idiot than me: take a break in your sport challenge. I’m telling you this, because the best example
I could show you at that moment was to take a break for
at least one day. Back then, with my lack of balance
and the road crossing, I took a chance for no good reason. I did it, because I felt at my worst, only
once I was already skating camera in hand. So, while I was at it, I shot for only 2 minutes
for the video documenting the challenge. Then I put the camera back in my bag to
focus on physical effort and balance. And I only skated for the 10
to 15 minutes trip back home, really hoping that everything would be back
to normal with a good night’s sleep. [Exhales with relief.] I hope this video got you motivated
for regular physical activity. Of course, you are free to just blow up
that thumbs-up counter right now. My goal was also to specifically enlist
you in my roller skating cult, because I meet many people interested in roller
skating, who daren’t take the plunge, because they are under the impression
that they have no balance. Once again, telling yourself you have no
balance is just another excuse. It’s like saying you can’t work out
because you have no strength. This the whole point! Improving in one area and
realizing you’re able. And I hope that with this video, I’ve shown
you that you can have a poor skill level, low-end gear, a weight with which gravity
just clearly tells you to f*** off, and still practice every day, whether it be a scorcher or a rainy day,
whether you’re tired or not, And thus, that you can make progress,
and have fun, without getting harmed. Speaking of which, if you want
tips to start roller skating whether related to technique or gear, ask me
for other videos in the comment section. And to thank all those who
watched till the end, I give you, as an exclusive additional feature,
an alternative cut of this video. You just have to click on the card on
the top right corner of the screen. That version relies more
on laughing at myself. I will publish it too, but
only in a few days. That was the video as I
first intended it. So, why did I decide to
cut it differently? I may tell you that story
in a future video.

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