Spring #ROOTD – SmartPaker Jen

Spring #ROOTD – SmartPaker Jen

JEN: Hi, I’m Jen from Merchandising, and this
is my Spring Riding Outfit of the Day. I am in love with the new Piper Knit Breech
with Silicone Grip Full Seats. The amount of stretch is unlike any other
breech I’ve ever worn, and the stylish grip makes me feel secure
in the saddle. I’ve paired my Pipers with the SunShield Longsleeve
Shirt by SmartPak. It’s super breathable, comes in lots of fun
colors, and best of all provides protection from the sun. Protecting my head is the One K Defender Suede
Helmet. This helmet is well-ventilated and I love
the low-profile fit. I’m wearing the Ariat Regal Reversible Belt.
The best thing about this belt is you can wear it either brown or black, so it matches
any outfit. The Samshield Hunter Riding Gloves are my
go-to gloves for schooling. They’re super breathable and provide excellent
grip on the reins. Finally, I’m wearing the DeNiro Dressage Boots,
because they provide stability and give a polished look in the dressage ring. Remember, all items that you see here are
available at SmartPak.com. And don’t forget, SmartPak offers free return shipping on all
sized items, so if you order anything and it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can exchange
it for free. Have a great ride!

2 thoughts on “Spring #ROOTD – SmartPaker Jen

  1. Omg yes I just got S P's newest catalog and I looooove the new breeches!! I wants some so bad but Im broke at the moment haha,

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