St Kitts Mount Liamuiga Volcano Hike

so I am going to be hiking up that busy day today so today is a very busy day at one o’clock I have a livestream with my patrons and then I am doing VR with my granddad which will be a lot of fun and then I’m going to dinner somewhere so today is very jam-packed so it’s a really nice day today and I got some new ND filters for my camera lenses so I’m gonna head out and go do some photography Oh [Music] [Music] so we’re done doing photography at the Falls that was a very successful shoot and I’m very happy with some of the pictures that we got gotta get this mud off my foot there is joy [Music] [Music] so we were just driving and we came across this cool barn over here and apparently there’s a snowy owl that lives in it so let’s go check it out [Music] this walk is kind of tricky actually [Music] so my last adventure which was a cruise through the Caribbean I got to stop at seek it’s where I climbed a volcano and secrets was my favorite place that I stopped at off the cruise and even just seeing it from the ship I was blown away so we’re just entering st. Kitts and I woke up really early to show you guys this [Music] [Music] we had to leave the ship as soon as I got into port because we’re on a tight schedule but luckily we still had time to take in some of the island fives [Music] Wow so cute chief I just tend to get it so the volcano that I climbed is called Mountain Li Amiga and it’s a nearly four thousand foot tall stratovolcano and it’s no longer active so the crater is filled with vegetation and a shallow pond but it’s still really cool to see and the volcano is located quite far away from where the port is so that gave us the unique opportunity to take this little tourist bus through a bunch of the villages and st. Kitts and I really got to see what island life when we’re driving up this little dirt road towards the volcano it totally reminded me of that shot in Jurassic Park where they’re coming into the park for the first time [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] so this is where the car ride stops [Music] so we’ve been hiking for 20 minutes half an hour and this is a really intense hike the best hiking I’ve ever done but it’s getting really uphill it’s pretty challenging but I’m gonna keep going it’s a lot of fun yeah [Music] [Music] the thing about this hike is that it consistently gets harder and as time goes on everyone gets sweaty err and the hill gets steeper and my dad sounded more and more like Darth Vader after a lot more climbing I finally got to the top I was kind of under well all I could see was trees but then our guide led us up this ladder and I got to see the real view [Music] [Music] [Music] so we are at the top of the volcano looking down into the crater and this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen we just had some lava juice raisin bread it’s hard to explain the sheer magnitude of it and having nothing holding you back from tumbling into the crater of this volcano creates the weirdest feeling a mix of fear happiness and anxiety it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before [Music] so starting rain luckily we’re pretty protected going down this going down as difficult it’s it doesn’t take as much energy as going up and it’s really really tedious and pretty dangerous so you have to pay close attention to the trail we finished the hike and now we’re driving back to the Cruz riddle that was one of the most intense things I’ve ever done but the don’t work that’s amazing experience but I’m so tired thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope that you enjoyed and I loved climbing the volcano in Saint Kitts because one of my bucket list things is long the Iceland and Iceland is full of volcanoes and today I was practicing for when I go to Iceland I was using different filming techniques and new equipment so that when I do go to Iceland I can deliver an awesome video so I hope that you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a comment down below if you did [Music]

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