Star Stable – Riding Magical Ponies!

Star Stable – Riding Magical Ponies!

50 thoughts on “Star Stable – Riding Magical Ponies!

  1. ⭐️Hey Mitty, I just wanted to let u know your such an inspiration to people and I am grateful for that. 🌙 Also first comment!

  2. Hey there little buns!
    Today I explore and play Star Stable, It's an adorable MMORPG where you ride and collect super cute horses! I'm still pretty new to the game so if anyone has some tips let me know
    Also please check the description other girls playing Star Stable all their links are in the description <3

  3. This game is soooo cute!!! Thank you for playing this is was so funny! Love you so much, your my biggest inspiration in life!

  4. Mitty u should train your horses to make them faster and better gear for them and u will make them go faster (´-﹏-`;)

  5. This brings back such good memories!
    Reminds me of the riding school when I had to get my balance back and I just felt so free when I were riding in the forest
    I remember a white mare named Trille (Danish for roll) 'cause she were a little round and a brown mare named Lady and she got bregnant <33

  6. These names you have for the horses, and even your character, are so creative. I would have honestly never thought of the beautiful names that you gave them <3

  7. i love your hair omg im so jealouss xD ♡ i just did my hair purple and blue though haha but anyway, i loved this… well i actually love all of your videos! ♡

  8. I enjoyed this video so much! Dew honeys saddle complements her color so much. I also love how honest you were with this video being a paid promotion.

  9. Hey Mitty I play Star Stable and my name is Abigail BlueRock and I also have 15 or 16 horses hope to see you

  10. Mitty is so pretty! This is my first video of watching you and I am in love with your channel, so I am subscribing!

  11. Hi! 😀 I have a question <3
    What server are you on? 😮 if you don't know its on their website and all you have to do is go their website, hit log in on the top right corner, hit profile then click move server.
    It'll show you! 😀
    Thanks <3

  12. I Play Star Stable And I Would Really Like To Join Your Club, But I Already Own a Full One

  13. I already play star stable no effence and I'm lvl 12 iv got about 19 horses but I don't really use them because I want them to be on lvl one so when I get my 3 old horses to be on max lvl and then ill get all of them to max lvl

  14. Those “Furry boots” are called feathers in the horse world XD

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