Star Stable – Riding Magical Ponies!

Star Stable – Riding Magical Ponies!

hi everyone it’s Mitty and welcome to the channel today we’re playing some stark basil and I’m really excited to announce at this video is sponsored by star stable and I am so happy to have partnered with them on this starts able to such a cute game and for those of you who do not know start April is a free-to-play MMORPG game and you basically take care of adorable little magical ponies and it basically doesn’t get any better than that so let’s go ahead and and jump on into it so as I can introduce you to Luna bunny view and no that is not my horses name that’s actually my characters in game name and she even has some mint hair of course my horses name is moon cloud and is actually my starter Wars and I just gotten really used to her and I’ve been leveling her up she’s actually level 8 right now and I haven’t purchased other horses that I just haven’t played with and I haven’t leveled up maybe today will take out one of my new horses instead of using my starter force today but I thought I would introduce you to my wife and my character we’re actually in the stable right now and these are all my other horses I act like I have so many but there’s only like four but i will show you guys my horses this is a do honey she’s a little pony and she’s adorable and acceptable goes on her you could actually put bows and like flowers and stuff on your horses and so that’s a do honey and over here is actually oh do honey’s names right here this is actually dream magic she is a tinker horse and I have three tinker horses I didn’t realize you I had three of them until after I really love these horses because i love how their little feet look like they’re wearing boots little furry boots and anchor three magic and i also have escaped I can’t go around and with triangle sounds i also have a blast tinker horse and her is da Nova and she is so beautiful I just haven’t played around with any of the horses and this one is a cinnamon wish and I don’t know what kind she is really seem what’s the horses cinnamon wish she is uh-uh I think she is a cougar oh she’s also a tinker horse so yeah I have three tinker horses and I love them so so much so I actually kind of want to use actually want to use it do honey today maybe we’ll take her out instead of taking out moon cloud but no cloud needs some hey she’s really hungry and she needs some water to be brushed and she needs her hooks to be cleaned so let’s do that right now because my hope my poor low horse she’s she’s in desperate need of some lovin my camera decided to get out so I actually just gave my horse some water and I’m going to go ahead and brush her son to me some brushing and she is also hungry so I’m going to give her some hay and i’m going to also clean out her hook because they need some cleaning and she’s all it’s all brand-new now he’s all nice so i don’t think they have any more saddled so let me go ahead and actually should i take off some of her saddles i think i might so let me see let me take off some of moon clouds stuff because i need some saddles and stuff to take out do honey because i don’t have any extra one so let me just take off our stuff for now so let me go ahead and put some stuff some stuff on our little deal honey a saddle and just put windows and this is a saddle pad and her horse shoes and you go on it went on and what else and i think that’s it think that’s all she had so I’m going to go ahead and just write her out I put all the gear on my little deal honey and doesn’t she look so adorable I love this gear because of all the stars it just looks so cute so let’s go ahead and take our little too honey outside this is actually my first time really using her I’m really excited so I actually wanted to make a riding club in this episode I just figured out that you can make a riding club and then when your friends join the game they can join your riding club so maybe some of you out there if you guys want once they make it you guys can kind of join it but I don’t know what quest i have i have available there’s a whole bunch available with the ongoing oh you know what I haven’t done any of my tours today I was supposed to do those the let’s turn back around and you can see where all those little glittery sparkly things are those are some of the chores you can do so you can help in the stable and gain like reputation points and coins stuff so let’s actually do that because i didn’t i didn’t get a chance to do it so let’s go ahead let the run over here let’s grab this shovel and then over here you’re going to go ahead also grab the pave going to come over here and you’re going to shovel up all the muck so let’s go ahead and take out our shovels and just clean go ahead and clean our stable so it’s stable so it’s not all dirty and kill that poop out of the stable and then once you’re done with that you could go ahead also and feed some of the horses so let’s drop some hay in should should should I don’t know what’s going on should do it no see a handful hey there we go so there’s we have to do it three times with someone here here’s another one but drop that in and then let’s come over here and drop some Japan let’s go ahead and drop in some water and let’s turn around and drop in some water here hand Oh it’s not going oh not going there we go and the last horse over here and give her some water and once you’re done with that you might just turn them in and you’ve gained a reputation points and coins so that is actually one of my daily chores that you got to do when you log in the second let’s give back on little do honey so we are actually in super grade line yard right now and let’s figure out if there’s any sweat available in the section almost on the mat it shows that there’s I’m gonna visit I was here I don’t know which one that is so let me go ahead and check out my quest log and we actually found the clutch and we basically have to race so the last time I did this I kind of failed so let’s see if I can do a checkup so all right so we have to basically follow where the green and rose are and just race all the way through oh that’s where I messed up the last time I ended up hitting who’s a little the pipe and then I wasn’t able to finish the race I actually want so we’re gonna do it again oh oh oh no way looks like okay I think I got it I think we got it this time because air was that way to go oh okay so we’re gonna try this one more time and raped her see what happens so oh so sometimes but I jump right all right all right we’re doing a little better this time I just have to make sure I see where the green arrows are I missed it the last time so where does it go so there’s the other green arrow okay we’re Michael let’s ok so wait I hope up here I hope oh there it is and then I think we have to turn this way I totally missed that last time we did it I think we did it you’re finished and one so I’m going to get some XP and stuff for this step alright let’s see where I have to okay your ears a little cartoony thing so i think what i gotta do is use the pen and paper so where’s the venom vapor totally in my inventory so where’s my inventory uh here nope that’s not it here it is hurry up write down some of the serial numbers and hope that nobody these guys don’t catch me haha oops went to bar went to bar I’m writing down all serial numbers so I’ve gotten to serial numbers so far look let’s jump over that oh no I hit my horse it’s on this little oil rig over here so let’s turn around oh there’s a guy there hopefully he doesn’t see me all right let’s transfer the serial numbers and I think I have one more to go and completed so let’s go ahead and turn this in get some more XP and coins oh shoot oh well all in all in to the bushes okay so let’s go ahead and turn this in and she has another one for us rate racing back to the matter and so she was erased me back so let’s see hopefully hopefully I don’t mess up this time no she got a head start all right let’s go no oh shoot she’s bad she’s so bad okay so sad I’m just on a Pony My Little Pony it’s a little baby she can’t run that bad go pony go go pony go we’re pulling you so slow she’s so full I’m not gonna win this one oh I won I think I cheated by the way I wasn’t meant I wasn’t meant to jump over that but i think i won so so before we head into town i just want to show you this little area where you can buy these stables where you can buy all kinds of different horses so this is where i actually bought dream magic and this is I think Marley’s farm if i’m not mistaken where we at yeah Marley’s farm so i actually bought this white horse and this black one over here which is star nova and i did some research and I believe that star stable just came out with some horses of different colors I think it’s this one right here this is one of the new one alright so over here you can also do other things like buy some food for your horses some light here it’s so actually looks like some carrots for my little pony and right over here we can go to this horse trainer and actually a level of our horse I can train your horse I do honey so that it gains another level of course he can train your horse and gain XP in the usually but by competing in daily races but I can also help you if you really want to the higher the level of your horse the more I have to train it to get to the next level this is why the higher levels cost more then the lower ones have a great day so why don’t we just level up men little Tony and it gives you so cute and all right well that’s how you can level your horse I’m going to go ahead and just head on to silverglade village just got a check from dreams and confessor get here quick why are you still reading emergency so this is a quest that we have to go to Fort pika to talk to James so what pink that is this place so let’s hurry up and go talk to James and see with Spillman online over there in Port pinka there’s a whole bunch of super cute little stores that you can shop in for your horse and for yourself so when we get over there probably going to show you guys all the cute little things that you can buy for your horses and there’s also a pet store over there and you could buy pets and put them on the back of your horses when you ride them it’s so cute I actually have a rabbit I have a little bunny but I haven’t put her in the saddle because there is a saddle that I want to get that allows of the little pet to who show like peek out while you’re riding your horse it’s really really cute over here its court ping test and look there’s a whole bunch of stuff over here I want to show you the cute little playing if there’s little carts and over here you come over here and by little things for your horses so I think these are little flowers and stuff that you can buy maybe we should buy some because they’re just so cute so there’s little bows so you can buy and these little like wraps for your horses and you can wrap around there laid and oh here’s a little sacks so you could buy one of these little facts and put it on the back of your horse so I’m actually going to buy one right now oh look at the little pony oh my gosh how adorable is that only God I don’t know which one to buy the little upper one is really cute but I really like the blue one there’s a little green one okay I’m just having way too much fun this is so cute okay I’m going to go ahead and buy the blue one so there we go and I think we can place it on to our little horse so where is the woolsack oh my gosh are you guys seeing this right now how you is that ok so this is so adorable so watch when you get down and dismount you can also buy other little animals too so let me go ahead and oh it looks like we horse is thirsty and hungry so we’re gonna have to go see her so you coming here and use a little pissed or I need to buy a little too like so cat and little funny use they’re so cute so these are all I don’t know if there’s different like yeah there is this different little I’d even noticed that last time I was just so excited that I saw a rabbit so there’s different little colors of rabbits and cats and dogs that you can purchase and put in your little saddle bags and ride with them on your horse suppose you all right actually let’s go ahead and take dewberry to my little stables like a speeder ok before I end this video I finally learned how to make the riding club so I must have been using maybe names of other clubs so it wasn’t allowing me to create one so I randomly selected to James and I came up with rainbow hedgehogs heard that so if you want to join my riding club you know join a star stable you can download the link from the description bar below and join me in my Club and we could be little magical hedgehogs together riding little magical tone alrighty guys thank you for watching I will see you all in my next video

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  2. Hey there little buns!
    Today I explore and play Star Stable, It's an adorable MMORPG where you ride and collect super cute horses! I'm still pretty new to the game so if anyone has some tips let me know
    Also please check the description other girls playing Star Stable all their links are in the description <3

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  4. Mitty u should train your horses to make them faster and better gear for them and u will make them go faster (´-﹏-`;)

  5. This brings back such good memories!
    Reminds me of the riding school when I had to get my balance back and I just felt so free when I were riding in the forest
    I remember a white mare named Trille (Danish for roll) 'cause she were a little round and a brown mare named Lady and she got bregnant <33

  6. These names you have for the horses, and even your character, are so creative. I would have honestly never thought of the beautiful names that you gave them <3

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  8. I enjoyed this video so much! Dew honeys saddle complements her color so much. I also love how honest you were with this video being a paid promotion.

  9. Hey Mitty I play Star Stable and my name is Abigail BlueRock and I also have 15 or 16 horses hope to see you

  10. Mitty is so pretty! This is my first video of watching you and I am in love with your channel, so I am subscribing!

  11. Hi! 😀 I have a question <3
    What server are you on? 😮 if you don't know its on their website and all you have to do is go their website, hit log in on the top right corner, hit profile then click move server.
    It'll show you! 😀
    Thanks <3

  12. I Play Star Stable And I Would Really Like To Join Your Club, But I Already Own a Full One

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  14. Those “Furry boots” are called feathers in the horse world XD

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