Sterling Essentials Leather Care How to Clean Muddy Boots

Sterling Essentials   Leather Care   How to Clean Muddy Boots

Mud is no joke, so here is Sterling Essentials’
favorite way to get our boots mud free. The first step is actually to take a hoof pick
and use that to brush off all of the biggest clumps of mud, the heavy layers, and get that
tidied up. If you have a softer leather boot you can actually use a cloth to do this same
trick. And then once you’ve gotten the worst off go ahead and take the pick part and scrape
around the edges and the seams in order to help break up that crud. Next you want to
go and give your boot now a good cleaning. So picking out your favorite cleaner, spray
that on and then start wiping away the layers of left-behind mud. And you might have to
spray and clean and wipe a few times and even change out your towel. But at the end of the
day this should keep your boots actually nice and clean – until next time you go to the
barn, and then do it all over again. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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