Steve’s Review – Nordica Hell & Back Skis 2014 –

Hi. I’m Steve. I just got off the Hell-and-Back. This is the actual Hell-and-Back from the Hell-and-Back series from Nordica. 5 out of 5 stars. This is absolutely one of my favorite skis. I actually own a pair from last year. It skis just as well if not better than last year’s ski. It’s 98 at the waist. If you didn’t know it was 98 you would think you were on an 85 waisted ski. It’s quick and fast from edge-to-edge. It has no metal in it so it’s light but it skis like it has metal in it. It’s very stiff. It’s very stable at high speed. It skis amazingly well on the bumps especially considering its 98 at the waist. It skis like a bump ski. And it’s great in powder because it’s light, it has no metal, so it floats really well. I can’t say enough about this ski. Hard pack, soft snow, powder, moguls. If you’re buying one ski, this is a true one-ski quiver ski. I think this ski can really go anywhere and do anything. I highly recommend it.

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