STOP SAFE! Learn to brake on inline skates

STOP SAFE! Learn to brake on inline skates

Today I want to talk a little bit about the brake, our height adjustable brake system! Why do we have a height adjustable brake system? There are basically two reasons. The easy reason is, you know, when worn down, you can actually bring it down again and have the same braking angle and the same position. So you can use it a little bit longer! You just open the screw here on the back and then you slide the pad down. The other point is, basically, that we say “With a different position of the braking pad, you can brake faster!” And this is how you should do it! When you have a straight knee, you have more power coming from the hips and then it’s easier to stop faster. While, normally, people are taught “Take this position and then put your foot forward and then brake!”. So you’ll have an angle here, that doesn’t really give a lot of power. So then people tell you “Go down, push this foot forward, lift up your heel and then put pressure on here with your hands!”, but this doesn’t really give you a lot of power! But if you have a straight leg, you know all the power goes to the hips. So it’s easy to break and you have the full power coming from the hips. So it’s actually easier, when the brake pad is a little bit higher, so it breaks a little bit later! You can keep a straight leg and the braking action and the braking distance is a lot shorter! So now that you have more pressure and with a big breaking pad, which puts down quite some pressure and has a lot of material in contact with the ground, it just brakes faster! These are our thoughts on how you should brake! That’s why we advice to adjust the position of your brake. Just raise the braking pad of the adjustable brake system a little higher and then it’s faster and easier for you to brake. Keep a straight knee, again, like this and it’s easy to break! That’s basically how we do it and for this height-adjustable braking system we have different housings. We have housings fitting, you know, different skates, different sizes of wheels. We have one which fits on 125 millimeter frames, the casted frames, then we have one fitting the smaller ones and we also have the brake pads in different sizes. Small ones, fitting up to 100mm and then the bigger ones, fitting everything up to 125mm. So that’s was just a little bit of information on the stoppers, because stopping and braking means security. Straight leg, straight knee and you’ll stop faster! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for another episode of Rolling Security with Powerslide!

9 thoughts on “STOP SAFE! Learn to brake on inline skates

  1. Nice skates! What's the best way to stop on skates without brakes. I made a flow skate video📹 on my channel featuring the Doop freestyle, but my stopping still needs some work

  2. How do you put the Habs brake on the skate? I just picked up a pair of Swells but it seems i would need a special axle in order to attach it to the frame and the box only came with 4 screws and the brake?

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