Stuff Riders Say – Episode 1

Stuff Riders Say – Episode 1

SARAH: Has anyone seen the duct tape? Oh, my God, I just saw the hottest farrier. No, it will take 2 seconds. Let me just throw
this stuff in the back. No, I think he just doesn’t like dressage. Well, the farrier said… Well, yeah, but my trainer said… Well, yeah, but George Morris said… Well, yeah, but the vet said… I wish I invented SmartPaks. Hey, do you have any fly spray I can borrow? Well, he just – he has a thing about his
ears… Has anyone seen my number? Hey, can you check and see if my stirrups
are even? Hey, can you check my girth real quick? Hey, is it cool if I lunge in here while you
ride? No, I am okay. Can someone get him? (clucking) (clucking) (clucking) (clucking) No, don’t even worry about it, the judge
totally wasn’t looking. Have you seen War Horse yet? Oh, sorry, just you have some hay. You just…some shavings. Oh, you just have a little…dirt there. Got
it. Hey, is my hair good in the back?

100 thoughts on “Stuff Riders Say – Episode 1

  1. When I was walking through the crowded halls at school the other day, I clucked to get people moving….They all looked at me strange.. I didn't realise until later why the clucking didn't work…

  2. lol, i always catch myself telling the person in front of me to walk on….and i normally end up poking them in the side to get them to move over….. XD long story short everyone in my classes has learned the basic 'commands' (over,walk on,whoa) of a horse girl (me) XD 

  3. those are great, and am sure we have said all those things.  crazy when you "half-halt" your car while driving.

  4. I said "Ho" once and leaned back as if in the saddle, with extra weight in my "stirrups" (*ahem*pedals) when driving up to a stop light lmao I caught myself and busted up.

  5. I always whistle to get someone's attention and wonder why they don't hear me then. I don't know why that doesn't work with people, it perfectly works with horses D: 

  6. I cluck at my horses, my dogs, my stepson, my co-workers, my car…. man, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who does that stuff!


  8. 0:51 the akward moment when you do that to friends so they move. I also push them slightly. I don't even mean to do it, but i works.

  9. The clucking thing…yes! I'll be riding in the car in traffic and start clicking and everyone will be like, "What is she doing?":b

  10. I cluck at my computer when it's slow, and my mom is like "What the hell is she doing clucking at her computer?!" and I just say it's slow and clucking at everything is a weird habit of mine. Haha, just so you know my mom isn't the exact "Horsey Person" like me soo she doesn't understand loads of things.

  11. When we got a load of hay the hay man brought his son with him and he was suppppeeerrrr hot so all of my friends were just stalking him from a distance 😂😂😂

  12. LOL The clucking at the shopping cart! Am I the only one who when they walk behind a car they put their hand on the car out of habit?

  13. OMG I have clucked at the shopping cart before… My friends glared at me because I didn't realise I was doing it XD

  14. can anyone explain to me what is a girth in other words… i don't know what it is in english, maybe a little help over here? hahaha

  15. I hate it when I'm at stores and im clicking my tounge for the cart to go xD and with my dog im like "click click click why aren't you moving!" and my dog just stares

  16. There was a guy on his phone on a staircase, and was going so slow, I clicked at him and screamed, "i buy you nice alfalfa, just move

  17. The shopping cart is so accurate… I also do it to dogs, cats, children, friends, family… you name it and I do it to that/then

  18. Once I was racing go carts at the fair and I Legit started clucking at my cart when I came up behind my friend as if I thought my cart would magically go faster 🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. OML RELATABLE!!! I’m only 11 so I’m still at school, and whenever my class is in a line and the person in front of me is going slow I start clicking with my tounge 😆😆😆

  20. Yeah the inapropriate clucking was the best! I have done that a few times by accident myself! LOL

  21. *Cluck cluck cluck* I do that to everything. I also put my hand on the back of the car when walking behind it. Once, at BreyerFest, it was crowded in a line and I started clucking 😂 My dad was like O_o

  22. Has anyone just looked at someone and when they watch someone trying to trot canter ect and they aren’t kicking or clucking enough you just want to do it I know I do ;-;

  23. My friends horse is sensitive about people touching her ears. She was rescued from a place where when she would "act up" they would pinch her ears. Still seems crazy to me cause she is the sweetest horse I have ever met. Love you dessy!

  24. I "ask" people to scoot over by poking them and clucking! And when I am somewhere like going behind a person or they can't see me I run my hand along them so they don't "kick" me!

  25. I wish anyone would clean me, lol.
    Once I was at dinner with all of the other riders and nobody told me the whole evening about the hay. :/

  26. Wait, youre me?
    So, who am I?
    Am I you?
    But then, who are you if you're me but I'm not?
    There's only one of me.
    There's only one of you.
    If your me, I'm not.
    If I'm not me, you're who?
    I'm who?
    I'm confused. Wait, then your confused.

  27. The tttttttttt sound I always do that at the barn and when I am riding even though if any of my horses are doing perfectly fine I just keep doing it to keep them trotting jumping or cantering

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