Stuff Riders Say to Non-Riders

Stuff Riders Say to Non-Riders

SARAH: Yeah, I’m still at the barn. It’s probably going to be another couple hours
cause I’m waiting for the farrier. Uh, blacksmith? The guy who does her feet? Yes. She gets her feet done. Every four weeks. Oh. You were serious about wanting to ride
him? Hey, Grandma. Yes, I’m still doing “that horse thing.” No, this one is a bridle. This one is a halter. It wasn’t that expensive. But this bit is totally different than the
other ones I have. Can you hand me the martingale? No… Nope… No, it’s like the circle… and has like the strap… No… Don’t worry about it. No. Nope. Not really. Sometimes, but not like you’re imagining. Well…sort of. No, I didn’t know that your boss’s daughter
rides. No, I’ve never heard of that barn, but I’ve
never ridden in Wyoming. No, he’s actually grey. Green just means,
like, he’s still learning. No, he’s not going to bite you. Probably. Okay, just keep your hand like really flat. Okay, just keep the treat in your palm, ok? Cause otherwise he might think your fingers
are the carrot. Horse poop isn’t gross. It’s not like dog
poop. It’s fine. No, it’s not like actual hands. It’s just
like 4-inch increments. Like, a hand. It’s in the tack room. Just don’t walk right
behind him, ok? Just don’t walk behind him, ok? Just be careful not to go near his bum. Not behind the horse, guys! No, that movie is actually really inaccurate. No, lame means like sore or unsound. Not uncool. No, he’s not a stallion. Yes, she’s a girl. They’re called mares. No, he’s not a mustang. I don’t think any
of the horses here are. No, it’s very different than the Budweiser
Clydesdales, actually. No, this smells fine. No, I’m not going to make it to the party.
I have a horse show early on Saturday. So you see how like when he’s going and he’s
on his left lead. And then he changes and he’s on his right lead. Like it’s the leg
that’s in front. She’s fine. That was just a sigh. No, it’s not my mortgage. It’s my board bill. Fox hunting is actually like a totally different
thing. No. I don’t do rodeos, but some people definitely
do. No, not like a jockey. At all, actually. So Dressage is like a type of English riding.
But there is no Eastern riding. No, he’s actually 12. He’s just a pony. Baby
horses are totally different. Let me show you. Well, don’t do that when I bring him out,
though. That will scare him. He does not like that. Yeah, I just got to the barn so I’ll be out
later. No. Bar-n. Not bar. It’s 9 AM! No, smaller does not mean safer. Trust me. Yeah, I can stop by after I ride Playboy. Playboy is my horse. Don’t be gross.

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  1. I loved the video. It's so true! Keep the videos coming! As for being raised around horses I can kinda relate.

  2. I had to lecture my friends on how a horse being in heat works :/
    I've never been so ashamed of them in my life

  3. My mom used to be an equestrian and i heard a lot of stories from her when i was younger (sadly, i can't even come near horses because of a very strong allergy:( but i do love them). To be honest, it pisses me off every time her friends or anybody else starts teaching me basic stuff about horses ( what "green" means, how to give a treat properly, not to walk behind the horse etc.). I'm certanly not even a beginner, i don't know anything seriouse, but like could you not? I'm not even getting close to the horse, leave me be.

    Sorry for my English,it's not my native language and my spelling is pretty bad.

  4. So true I brought my friends to see my horse at my community barn and they were asking soo many questions like, “What’s the difference in a halter in a bridle?” “What’s that?” and kept saying it stinks.

  5. I SWEAR I SAY “No, a stallion is a male horse who is capable of breeding, not a breed of horse” ONCE A WEEK!!!

  6. lol, ugh have to explain the difference between a jumping release and a two point, to about EVERYONE that asks why i hate myself for basically doing a two point instead of a jumping release while jumping UGH

  7. I swear every time I bring my friends to my barn they always ask to ride my horse then get pissed when I say no lmao

  8. …… it truuu….


    …… yeah This is DEFINITELY true…

  9. Story time
    The first few months I got my mare i sucked at telling people no so i always had non horse people annoying the hell out of my while i was riding and asking to ride. Which I delt with and allowed. After this one girl (freshman) and I (junior) had a beef, starting with her using drugs, being rude while being near my horse. It blew up into a massive fight because no one would take her side and she got butt hurt and litterally went crazy ex girlfriend burn your house down type crazy. Got enough on text and school survalence that she can get ISS if she even comes near me. She decided to skip school, sneak into the barns and ride my fucking horse as some petty bitch move because I wasn't dealing with her shit. Ever since then I just tell everyone that asks no you can't come to the barns no you can't ride and uh yeah its nice being able to say "hmmm fuck that you can sit on the bench while I ride"

  10. Things animal lovers say to riders.
    "Why you use a mouth piece natibe amsricans can ride without so can you"
    "That competition stuff is just bad a horse is a libing creature a person ….not a thing you can push till tje engine gives up"
    And jes we are totally right with that

  11. What happens to me has worse I've been riding for quite some time I'm 12 now whenever we have Riders at the place I volunteer at that are older than me at all whenever they ask me questions they're like no that's not how it works I'm older than you I think I'd know then I asked them have you ever ridden before what they say no but I'm older than you so I obviously know more then I go get the person who's in charge whoever's in charge at the time and they agree with me and then I feel happy cuz I like to be right

  12. I live in the city, I am not a city girl, I ride, no I do not ride English, I love western, I was born and raised in Florida, I visit my dad, and ride, a lot, my dad still lives in Florida

  13. On i had no idea it was you smartpak I got my saddlepad from you! I love it and I use it everyday I ride!

  14. I feel like my rule of thumb for dog breeds fits with horses too. I always say the bigger the dog the bigger the heart. Idk if it’s true though, I’ve only had experience with horses and ponies through my Aunt who has three horses.

  15. “No, just because he’s tall doesn’t mean he’s safer” – I say, as I’m trying to get m horse to stop trying to gallop away

  16. Here’s one.
    Non equestrian: Look he’s putting his foot up he’s hurt!!!
    Equestrian: No he’s just resting his foot like how us humans shift our weight. He’ll be fine.

  17. While a fair majority of these are true, I feel like it’s a shame on you if you ask a non-equestrian to get you -insert somewhat obscure horse tack-. The bridle and saddle are mostly basic knowledge. But most people aren’t going to know what a martingale is. So if you ask them to get it without having shown them before, that’s your fault.

  18. I remember when I first started riding my coach always was like NEVER WALK BEHIND THE HORSE and now I'm the one telling other ppl that

  19. I go to my moms friends house to ride sometimes, I under stood 90% of what you said, witch is preeeety good since I don’t own a horse and I’m not around horses a lot!

  20. I love horses n all but videos like these make people that don’t ride feel stupid and we aren’t that stupid usually. Your acting like your totally superior and I hate it tbh.

  21. Fucking hate it When you just Ride from Time to Time and then there are those arrogant Ass riders that make you feel Bad because you don‘t Spende 5 Hours a day with a horse

  22. My only qualm with this video is that there IS eastern riding, it’s just pretty much unheard of in the west. For example, traditional Japanese horseback archery is a nuanced competitive sport in Japan.

  23. Oh i have one that non-riders say to riders "Horse backriding is so easy all you do is sit on the horse"

    NO HATE intended

  24. Okay at my school during English we were talking about horses or something and this boy is like
    “Ya the thing that goes in their mouth”
    Me: you mean the bit?
    Boy: wait then what’s the thing that’s on their head?
    Me: the bridle?!
    Boy: then what’s under their saddle?
    Me: THE FREAKING GERTH! (I didn’t say freaking but I was like, WhY!?!?!?)
    No hate to non riders, it’s just amusing 😂

  25. I can't believe how many times I have to remind people which is the bridle and which is the halter. It is nOt tHaT hArD

  26. So true!!! I mucked stalls until one of the buckets slammed my fingers into the edge of the dumpster and took one of my nails clean off and cracked the tip of the bone.

  27. Haha thanks reminds me of my horse riding days 😄 Now it is the same with my dogs due to dog agility 😅

  28. I have 2 stallions Mario and luigi (they are twins BTW) when a friend comes to the stables with me they never know anything I asked one of them to get me a bridle because I was planing on riding Mario and she came back with a halter UGHHH I agree smaller ain't safer I keep my horses at a shared stables so other people use them so I have alot of friend riders there she has a pony and man she is a little devil jeez dude 🙂

  29. Any Equestrians (Or people who know about horses and ride but aren't like a pro) triggered by the fact that she said "Baby Horse"….Because I am…

  30. I love the part where she said “horse poop isn’t gross”. It made me laugh and I found it supper relatable

  31. "smaller doesn't mean its safer", its really true. I have some bad memories with small horses. They are stubborn.

    Yesterday I rode a really big horse and a gadfly came down to her butt and couldn't hit it with her tail so she started to buck but not so violently. She was standing still, she didn't run. I love her, she is a really good horse. I don't like ponies:(

  32. I hate when family members just randomly tell you one of their friends daughters nieces cousin rides and pretend as if we have a connection

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