SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK STUNT ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Speed Glitch, Pop Glitch & Underground Glitch)

SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK STUNT ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Speed Glitch, Pop Glitch & Underground Glitch)

you know what it is skate 3 every day so in my last skate 3 video we were on this skater let’s change him up and while I change this fucking beautiful ass bitch up i’ma show you guys how to do the speed glitch after I finish editing my skater boy I’m gonna change this girl to a male now let’s go back to this dude hold on let’s just speed this up real quick I think this is good you know he looks all right you know let’s actually wait we
there’s one more thing I forgot and we found it this is the board this is the board I wanted but I got on a skeleton Shirt and then I got on these prison pants with the weed board and little hat special hat lookin cool just go all the way down here and just fall through the ground oh nope never mind so a lot of you guys were asking me how do you do the speed glitch in the comments of the last video so all you really have to do every time you do this you have to drop your board with right trigger or left trigger just like that and then you just run and then you jump and then you do a cannonball like that and then you hit Y that’s it it’s as simple as that you just got to time it right and I don’t even do it all the time you know so it’s kind of hard I guess all you got to do for the cannonball is just the push up after you jump just push up on your right stick and you’ll do a cannonball sometimes it looks different whenever I do it whenever I do the Cannonball cause I don’t do a cannonball all the time I can hit the right bumper but you don’t have to do the right bumper thing it just happens cause i accidentally click it some time but the glitch is basically just run jump like that and cannonball right away and then wait until you’re about to hit the floor to bring back your board sometimes I accidentally hit RB and it’ll look different like it doesn’t look like a cannibal but i’m still doing a cannibal that was me right there hitting RB when I did it it didn’t look like a cannonball but I did the Cannonball while I hit RB right before i jump it’s all just timing everything of this game is timing a lot of you guys were asking me how to do the pop glitch the pop glitch doesn’t work on this game this is the pop glitch i think you guys were talking about that i just did right there all that is is landing in a manual and popping and it’s not a pop glitch it’s just a really fast pop the pop glitch from skate one that I showed you guys in the skate one video that thing does not work in this game show you guys a clip of what I’m talking about ah I messed it up a little bit but it’s okay oh yeah bitch suck a dick that’s right bitch im done im fucking done yeah bitch yeah ow this is the only game that doesnt have the pop glitch I was talking about it was a really cool glitch man but yeah how you do this one it’s just really rare to do because I don’t know you just got to get a right right angle at it oh my god I was gonna land that dude I swear I was gonna land that but yeah like this one it’ll work boom just like that put your board down right here and then do an ollie and then hold your left trigger or your right trigger doesn’t matter which one you start with and then hit B once you have that going you hold your other trigger when your feet are about to touch the floor and then it’ll drop you through the map so the combination here is an ollie left Ollie + Left Trigger tand then oh there we go so I’m underneath the map now and I can just like walk through this wall if I wanted to see you now now im through the wall but that combination right there is what gets you through the map look I did it again okay this is basically a black hole you can see the bottom of the map you jump here and you’ll just fall oh look it’s the other side of the map look maybe I can go over there yeah go I’m gonna go through it oow im gonna drop my board there it goes oh come back come back board there we go every glitch in this game is really just timing and you gotta time everything right all you do for this one was holding the left trigger or the right trigger you know either one will work hold left or right and then hold B like that that’s what it’ll do after you do that you hold B with it like that and then you hold the right trigger all that does is brings your it brings your arm back so right here I’m gonna hold right trigger and then hold B hold one of them and then hold the left trigger like that that’s all you do that’s the motion so if you do this motion right here right here that I’m doing right here boom boom like that if you hit the other trigger at the right time before your feet touch the floor then you will go through ba-ba-ba-ba-ba whoa dude did you see my shadow whoa i’m still going i’m still going i’m still going that looks a lot like uh it looks so stupid yeah i’m doing a thumbs up but it looks like it’s a thumbs down what the hell here let me take another step let me take one more step see if it’ll go oh oh wait white one hand is on the other step the other hand okay there it goes yeah I’m just truly where your move so Oh hippie flip let me do the hippie flip okay we can do it man oh I did it oh yeah but I want to do here is a hippie flip and then I just want to jump into a coffin let’s do this I want to go and coffin down this ramp oh shit that was lucky boom I got that I got that go down go down go down oh shit shake what have it ah there we go there we go there we go we got this one this is it is looking clean (as f***) oh shit! there we go got it GOT IT Coffin again boooom dude this is going to look awesome because I’m going to go off to the right side and I’m gonna land in the big ass ramp jump from here okay here we go Coffin it and I’m going to land in the big ramp the big ramp to the right I’m sure completeleee okay I got this I got this boom pop up here get some more all right let’s do this gooooooooo YEAH B**** AWWWWH lez do dis go go go go go landis turn this flip this bitch okay I fucked Chuck oh you know what I could do I could use a ramp that I land into as a ramp to jump off into the next rent I have way too much speed to completely turn back around like that but I’m gonna try to do it anyway go back to his coffin oh I did it I fucking did I jumped off the rock I really got to go to the bathroom dude I gotta do this man like quick car you know I need a mirror oh oh I don’t want to go to the bathroom until I did this I’m holding this in I am gonna fucking do this right the fuck now this is it this is it go keep your girl come on man are you shitting me i come on I just have to go to the bathroom there we go there we go this is a clean ass one okay turn it around boom and oh shit I don’t know where I went where did I go holy shit I still landed it let’s go oh my god go go to one more pot okay it’s good it’s good we’re good how many times have I tried this already dude here we go this has to be the last time is I’m gonna just piss my bads it has to be it we have was about a fall right there cuz I wasn’t gonna get out of my coughing oh my god that was awesome jus did you see how I fuck yeah fuck yeah okay all right I’ll be right back i’m gonna edit this but just let me go to that bad okay all right mission accomplished really want to see how I flips over here dude that was Oscar was the coolest to me look at that look at that I was so weird it was a weird pop like I did a front flip but it didn’t do the front flip it like did some weird angle shit again thank you guys so much for watching if you guys enjoyed that little stunt I just hits truffle like also if you guys have any questions for me about this game anything specific you want me to do in the next video should let me know in the comments and I will see you guys in the next video

100 thoughts on “SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARK STUNT ON SKATE 3 (Skate 3 Speed Glitch, Pop Glitch & Underground Glitch)

  1. I swear these people fucking do these tricks first try and im been fucking trying for 1 year to do the speed glitch and not even a little boost has happend. BS

  2. I would have liked this if the guy would stop swearing so much. I mean a bit of swearing is ok but this was over the top

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