Superman’s new family, Jane and speed-skater Ahn HyunSoo! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]

Superman’s new family, Jane and speed-skater Ahn HyunSoo! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]

Moscow is the capital of Russia. (Novorossiysk, Moscow) What is this building inside a dense forest? (What is this building?) It’s an ice rink stadium. (Incredible speed) Short-track speed skating requires speed and skills. (Short-track speed skating?) A fierce match is taking place on the ice. Who will be the hero of the day? (Is there a Superman dad?) A toddler appears. (A toddler appears at the stadium.) She walks as if she is familiar with the place. Who did this cute girl come to meet? (I am here to cheer for my dad.) – Dad, Dad. / – Dad, Dad. (Dad, Dad, Dad.) She is loved by everyone in the ice rink. (She is popular.) She is friends with everyone. (She can talk to a Russian man.) (He is a funny man.) She is popular no matter where she goes. (She is a superstar of the ice rink.) (Who is her dad?) Dad. Shall we meet the Superman dad? (Gunshot) (My goodness.) (The dad is leading.) He is coming! (He skates with speed.) (He is doing well.) (The final match is neck-and-neck.) (Dad, come on.) (The bell lets them know it’s the last lap.) Good. Come here. (He wins the 500m race.) Let’s give him a big hand. He came in first. Dad. How nice! It’s very nice. Victor An, Moscow. It’s Victor An, the king of speed skating. (Superman of the day is Victor An.) Hello, I’m the father of 19-month-old Jane, Victor An, and I am a speed skater. I moved to Russia about six years ago. I am very thankful to my wife for coming to me when I was struggling. Even though her family and friends are in Korea, she moved to Russia for me. It must have been a difficult decision. She believed in me and moved to Russia to be my pillar of support. I am thankful for that. After she moved to Russia, (They used to live in a studio apartment.) she struggled a lot because of me. I wouldn’t be here without her. That’s why I wanted to give her a break. When I was dating him, I realized that (Woo Nari, Jane’s mom) I just wanted to give him a hug. He always seemed sad. He seemed like a lonely man who didn’t have anyone by his side. That’s why I strongly felt I should remain by his side. (Then Jane came to them.) Then the best present visited them. (Even the heartbeat sounds special.) That’s how they became a family of three (She is another haven for Victor.) and Victor started his life as Jane’s dad. A girl with round eyes, An Jane. (She is a daughter.) (Victor and Jane will share 48 hours.) It’s nice. (Fall into my cuteness.) (It’s nice.) (She shows off her charms.) In one, two. (They spend 48 hours in the most incredible way.) (It starts now.) It’s a small town located in Moscow. (Khimki, Moscow) (When you pass a quiet residential area,) The An family’s house is in this town. (you will find Jane’s house.) Shall we go inside? The living room and kitchen are decorated in Nordic style. (The couple decorated the place.) Every item has their touch. (There are family pictures on the wall.) There are family pictures as well as presents from the fans. (Let’s go to the second floor.) Shall we go upstairs to the second floor? The second floor is a resting area. Gracing the wall are Victor’s medals. There are a lot of medals. (There are gold medals from the Olympics.) This is a cute room for Jane. (This is Jane’s room.) And this is a bedroom for the couple. Let’s meet Jane’s family in the morning. (Blinking) (Stretching) Mom. (Mom?) Mom. Mom. You should sleep some more. (He hands her a stuffed rabbit.) Give Okie a kiss. (Kissing) (Peek-a-boo) (Mom, where were you?) Jane. Mom was gone, right? Hey! (Hugging) My goodness. (Jane gives Mom a morning kiss.) Thank you. Give Dad a kiss. Give Dad a kiss, Jane. (I refuse.) Mom will give Dad a kiss. (Then I will give him a kiss.) (Lovey-dovey) (Stop kissing and come on out.) All right. Yes. (Stiff) Okay. (She finds an uncle inside the tent.) Who is that? Say hello. (She walks forward confidently) (and steps back.) (Shy) You should say hello. Are you embarrassed? Hello. (They come to the living room.) What is that? Watch what I am drawing. A heart. A heart. – You said, “A heart”. / – A heart. – I love you. / – I love you. A heart. There you go. Both hands should go up. – There you go. / – Say hello. Say hello. (Hello, Uncle.) Wink to Uncle. Wink, wink. She looks exactly like you. Which is Jane and which is Victor? She looks like a son. Why does she look like a son today? She isn’t wearing a ponytail. Don’t treat her like a son. Look forward. (Her mom takes an emergency measure.) (She puts Jane’s hair in a ponytail.) Jane, ask your dad to do your hair nicely. (Sitting still) Three, four, five times. Lastly, pull the top part. (Does she look like a daughter now?) You should do it too. What do you want for breakfast? Jane, what do you want for breakfast? Honey, this is the last meal you will get from me. (Thinking) Tteokbokki. Tteokbokki? For breakfast? (Surprised) – Jane. / – Would you be okay? Do you want tteokbokki? – Yes. / – Yes. While his wife makes breakfast… Will you carry it around? Victor goes to the workout room. An athlete’s morning sure is different. (He has a lot of scars.) (He works out his abs.) (One, two) (She comes into the room.) You are here. Do you want to copy me? Did I put one foot forward like that? I put one foot forward like that. Jane, do you want to do this? Do this. (Why is my body moving backwards?) Lean forward. Lean forward. Lean sideways. Lean sideways.

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  1. 1:32 там он агушу пьёт??? Там же по русски «Агуша» написано 😂

  2. I wonder if he had to suffer from the violence in Korean speed skating world when he was in korea

  3. Wasnt he the skater who was banned in the 2018 Olympics for alleged doping? He was also controversial for choosing to represent Russia in the 2014 Olympics rather than Korea. He is retired now…

  4. as a speed skater myself I would like to meet victor an si baddd 😍😍😍 and because of this I want to meet his baby too🤣

  5. Okay, Jane is hella cute, the wife is super pretty, but i can't look away from the dad's ass though! Seriously, THAT ASS oml


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