Surf and Skate Wonder Kid Sky Brown eyeing Tokyo 2020 | Exclusive Interview

Hi, my name is Sky and I’m from Miyazaki
Japan My hobbies are to skate and surf, and do
fighting, karate, jujitsu, dance and singing… I have a lot! When I saw my dad is skating and I felt, I
knew I wanted to be a skater I like it when it’s scary because I want
to beat myself owner beat the scariness I might fall hard but even I fall hard, I
want to get back up there and just beat it Don’t think that you’re gonna fall,
think that you’re gonna land it on this one When the waves are bad, I skate.
But when the waves are good, I like to surf. I just knew I wanted to surf as well,
because it looked super fun I told my dad: “Can I try this, please! So he taught me how to do,
and I was like: “Beautiful!” My dad has to get me out because I
never stop surfing, especially before school. He is like: “Come on!”
I’m like: “One more please!”
Then I go: “One more please!” again I want to introduce you to my brother, Ocean! She’s pretty good! I tell her everything
she knows! He’s super funny, we always play with
each other. He’s pretty good at skateboarding too. And he’s super naughty,
he gets in trouble always at school. The one thing I love about him
is that he doesn’t care what people think We compete a lot against each other,
we say like “Who’s better?” “Oh, I’m better!”
“No, I’m better!”
So, we kind of compete with each other. We just never not surf or skate together. I just like teaching people I taught a couple girls in Japan. I had a scare and
that made me feel like: “Oh, I want to do this” I wanna teach people too and teach
them how to have fun and be brave When I went to Cambodia and learnt
that there were other people out there We’re always happy, we have food here,
we have clean water, we have soap, All these kind of stuff, but they don’t have anything they don’t have food, they don’t have
clean water, they don’t have money I just knew I wanted to help There were scary moments there, because there’s no traffic light and I just see
these girls with big trash bags and picking up trash every day. They help their moms work They sell food to try to get money It was pretty sad I almost cried, like super hard I met these kids and I taught them
skateboarding it was pretty cool ’cause they were laughing and I mean they were
having so much fun there Because of Cambodia, I make these socks Five dollars from every pair of socks
goes to the kids in Cambodia and on the back it says…
(it’s super dirty!): Brave, Kind, Strong, Proud, Fair, Free, Happy I always think about those words
when I’m skating or surfing so I like to put them on these socks Olympics just doesn’t have skateboarding it has all kinds of sports Hopefully I can go in 2020 because I want to go there
while I’m young and show every girl that you can do anything It doesn’t matter your age,
just do it, don’t be afraid Especially ’cause it’s in Japan, I’ll put all my heart into it It’s impossible to choose a sport, surfing or skating! ‘Cause I love it too much!
I can’t choose between it I want to show girls that if boys say:
“You’re a girl you can’t do it!” Just do it! Don’t care what they think.
Do it for yourself.

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