Surprise Guests Discuss small Feet & Wheel Sizes at the World Roller Games 2019

Surprise Guests Discuss small Feet & Wheel Sizes at the World Roller Games 2019

hey guys its me tiago french inline skater and welcome to
my booth at micro I have V skates I’ve made shit up get out of here this is my
channel are you a go I’m good I’m happy it’s
tell me something is it your first time in this type of event first I mean this
type of event I think said yes no you had the whole Amato it’s a marathon
event but it’s the first time on this type of event because it’s the first
time that this type of event happen in Europe okay tricky one now say I was
talking with mirek yesterday and I was about to film a video about this before
you walk in the booth which is how different of an event disease I’ve been
going to a lot of aggressive skating events or even like marathons or speed
skating events and this is just different from everything from what
you’ve seen till now what do you think of the word roller games well I think
can you hold it okay so in general like I don’t go too often into inline skating
events like in but every time I go it’s only about like a certain thing a
marathon and only that like stuff like that or freestyle skating here you have
everything you have everybody coming from everywhere in the world and well
actually people talking about this outside in Barcelona like I was I took
the cab to come here I was he was like oh you’re coming for Venus Skating
Championships I was yeah we’re not gonna participate just to film it like it’s
making people talk about inline skating you have the Spanish television here so
yeah we’re spreading the energy I’m gonna say it so it’s very cool for us it
is really cool but on the other side like I was saying it’s what I mean by
it’s really different and really weird it’s like yesterday I actually filmed it
I tried to go through to the ceremony like the opening ceremony with skates
and they don’t allow me to no they didn’t allow me to because I was using
skates which is somehow weight on a skate event but I
fully understand like I said it’s like we’re trying to mix here which is we’re
not trying we’re making it they are making it and we’re here but they are
mixing sports that people are used to see as buemi in sports like street sport
with sports there in most of the places are completely illegal like downhill
skating with all limp ixnay limping but they could even be able to hear some
olympic sports like okay or some that should be in the Olympics like speed
skating so the whole thing is speed skating
actually a figure skating yeah sure give me the microphone because I need to ask
you about this people say that you have small feet right very small feet like
whether let’s see if it’s really small give me a second okay he’s gonna give me
some kid skates oh yeah I think they are exact good size for my feet like I can
do a lot of tricks of those the wheel size is just perfect this thing comes in
a size 23 I don’t even know it’s kid size come come come come well you have
someone that knows more about skids than you we do you can sit okay let’s see what’s the American size for a sanitary
what’s the smallest size that you guys sell at Platteville 28 I think yeah 28
28 but you can put like kids 26 27 – the size depends on the sky did this case
like it’s a hard shell and it’s table you can put like a little bit smaller
but it’s 28 I think we kinda have like a different option but I’m not going to
talk this is not a video to talk about skates I just thought because TRS such
big feet is known for having big feet oh come on right yeah you know my feet are
I would say the perfect size no you can’t have the smaller things but are
rare but like I have a different way to enjoy on skating you know it’s difficult
but when every time I find something just keep it
nobody it has its advantages like as an example for you skating with like 90
millimeters as you are it’s almost the same as for
me skating 110 that is true that is true it’s like every time I try like 110
millimeter wheels I find them too big so I’m feeling a lot more comfortable 90
millimeter wheels than everything else or yeah like now check this out thing is
that I still haven’t tried any 125 millimeter wheels but I’m really scared
about it but the thing is 125 for you would be like 200 for me now the thing
is what’s the smallest size that the downhill the slalom skaters used like 80
or 84 no no non try skates right skated I like normally they most of the music
84 but now Republic is releasing like shorter frame like 205 for the smallest
sizes is like 36 37 because I know used in that Chapel I tested it and she
preferred to skate like the shorter frame because normally that the shortest
was 215 and now they’re making 205th 205 and it’ll be for 80 millimeter
wheels so 80 meter is the small was 84 but now it would be like mine is 215 yes
of a they released V 205 and I really want to try this frame because for
example Laura’s oghuz Landy is like forty one size and he’s skating 84
millimetre wheels but Lorenzo Devereaux he got like a smaller is like 39 and
he’s quite 90 millimeter wheels so it’s hard but for sure the power slide for
the next season the smaller size of hardcore Evo will come with 205 frame
and eighty four millimeter wheels but for example Myriam for Spain
she’s already skating three times eighty millimeter wheels so it all depends the
reason why I was asking is like for him it can also be a disadvantage if he
wants to feel the same as some people if he wants to feel the same as some people
with 80 millimeter wheels it could be disadvantage because he has
smaller feet and like comparing to me but I don’t have the biggest pizza you
know what they say big feet and that’s it I think we finish to finish the video
later eh I’m still here and check why I just found
hi Raul straight out of India and we were just having a conversation here at
the micro booth about skates and stuff like that and this guy just didn’t
recognize me because my beard is a little bit too short short too short now
come on not too short and it was just like say I
watch your videos I learned not to wait you want to tell
them i watch his videos and learn many things for the techniques for skating I
learn slidings and how to control the skates on Street and everything most of
the watching your videos occur thank you so so much and now the thing is what are
you here for what why are you in Barcelona for downing championship I am
representing India for downhill championship I am so so happy there it
is thank you so much have I just made my
day it’s just a matter I think I’m done with this video I hope you guys enjoy it
see you tomorrow you

12 thoughts on “Surprise Guests Discuss small Feet & Wheel Sizes at the World Roller Games 2019

  1. Was Tiago sad u talking about his feet?
    He seemed a bit hurt by it.

    You okay Tiago?
    We don't care about your feet, man! – your afro makes up for it 10 times over anyway!

  2. always lovely to see you two together, i started skating and you two definitely helped me go through the bottle neck and kept going!!

  3. im on the other end of the spectrum, my feet are too big. i wear a US14. i can fit into some 13.5, and thankfully can fit into my Adapts US13. most brands stop at 12 or 13. ๐Ÿ™

    funny thing though, is i love wearing smaller frames, so my wheels dont extend out past my heal and toe (76/80/80/72 wheels). I like getting my feet close when i mess around, so i never have to worry about clipping wheels. ^_^

  4. A portuguese guy, a french guy and a brazilian watcher all comunicating in English, what a fantastic moment for those who made the effort to learn the language. Thanks for the awesome video.

  5. Hi Richard how are you doing and I have a questions for you I have old oxygen ar pro 2 aggressive skates and I was wondering what kind of wheels can I get that are bigger and fit? Can I put a different frame that not ufs?
    thank you for your time


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