Suva Planina Trem 1810m – Hiking Balkans

Bojanine vode What time it is? We are off Some ski slopes Three hours Come on Girls tomb is 1300 meters high We shoud arrive at Girls tomb approximately in a 45 minutes That is it! (Trem) Girls tomb should be somewhere there I think we will need to take some clothes uphills Here the real trail starts Now we are on 1150 meters Below is Sicevo village And Pirot is behind that hill The road curves through Sicevo gorge And you can see Trem only few kilometers away from Nis and than dissapears This looks critical -What’s wrong with this forest? Maybe it had burned, or it is seak The view is getting better and better Sicevo gorge Here is a little bit colder because this is no sun side of the mountain We are climbing 45 minutes since we turned into forest We should arrive at Girls tomb in a 20 minutes if signs are correct Could it be a tomb? Slippery rocks Could be a problem if rain starts to fall for our come back Right here the ascent is like a hell Do I hear some voices? Hello, hello Girls tomb (is behind my back) The peak is there, we shoud arrive in 90 minutes, maybe faster I hope so Over there is Girls tomb and above is Sokolov greben (2nd higest peak on Suva planina 1540 m) Today is 9th may, Victory day and we see snow on Trem Right now we don’t have line of sight to Trem Temperature is getting lower I hope not to see rain today… We should be on Trem in 45 minutes It leads somewhere probably… One of the spectacular views… Wave to me Lets go and make snowballs there Hello hello Are you filming all the time? Yeah, almost constantly The moment of the truth Hello, hello Fuckin beautiful….

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