Suzdal, Russia on $100. Cathedrals, Stallions and Mead (Eng/Rus sub)

Suzdal, Russia on $100. Cathedrals, Stallions and Mead (Eng/Rus sub)

Hi friends, today we’re on our way to mega historic Suzdal (Суздаль) but at the moment we stopped off in Vladimir (Владимир). And as always we have one camera
crew, two days, and $100 to show you everything that locals
recommended that we do, see, taste, and experience in Suzdal. But let me explain to you why we’re in
Vladimir right now. Well the answer is simple… because there
is no other way to get to good ole isolated Suzdal without
a stop off right here. And, although Vladimir has mostly large
factories nowadays, its history dates back many many
centuries and there are still plenty of things to see like “great Russian water fountain.” Guys, I know it might be impossible to
believe but Suzdal, one of Russia’s top tourist destinations
has no train station. So, if you remember back to our first
episode we went to Nizhny Novgorod on the Sapsan (High
Speed) train. Well, that very same train stops right back
there at Vladimir’s train station. All you have to do is take it, hop off, get on a bus or “marshrutka” (маршрутка) and boom
you are in Suzdal, because there’s basically no other way. Well while I was waiting for the next bus I
decided to grab some bliny. Locals said that the Russian pancakes of
greatness here are amazingly good and most importantly
amazingly affordable. “Hello.” “Hello.” “Wow what a lovely assortment you have, what would you recommend”? “Well what would you like on it, ham,
chicken, something sweet?” “With ham.” “Ham and mushrooms?” “Mushrooms are always wonderful.” “Okay, so the villager blin then.” “If you can give me a cappuccino with
that, that would be even better.” “Okay, that’ll be 215 rubles.” You know guys, every great Russian
adventure starts with a great Russian blin. Rules to live by. Hmm, this bridge seems to be a bit out of date. But anyways Vladimir still has many very old structures still standing including some rather
gorgeous churches. Churches make any city look nicer. That’s it for Vladimir, it’s time to go
back in time to ancient Suzdal. Well guys we did it! We have gone back in
time to old Russia. And yes we are here in Suzdal, and yes
our adventure begins. And, I think it’s going to actually begin
right over there, because that white building, I think, is the kremlin. So let’s get started. A fort of some kind has stood on the spot
where the Suzdal Kremlin is since at least the 10th century. Despite its small size today, Suzdal was a
major city and capital of a principality back in the days of Kievan-
Rus when Russia was just starting to form into one of the
world’s great civilizations. It played a major role in the trade and
conflicts of the day. And if you want to find out more about
Suzdal’s history there is a museum inside the Kremlin but
be forewarned it’s always closed on Tuesdays. Hmm, I think travelling back in time to old
Suzdal did something to me, I feel a bit strange but anyways let’s keep moving. Well in order to get to know Suzdal a little
bit better, we’re going to get to know one of its locals. Alexander, who I think is right over there,
offered to help us out. “Hello Alexander” “Hell Tim, and welcome!” “Thanks, well where shall we begin?” “First let’s start at the Museum of
Wooden Architecture, it’s not far at all” “Lovely, let’s do it.” Russian has two words for architect,
arhitektor (архитектор) being someone who makes the buildings we see today
and zodchii (зодчий) which seems to refer to an old time gent
who didn’t need any fancy plans and newfangled devices. This museum showcases the works of
the zodchiye that are still standing after a few hundred years that were
moved here from all over the Vladimirskaya Region. I mean hey, you try making a wooden building
that will last a quarter of a millenium… not any easy task! And as you might expect many of the
buildings are full with the items that everyday Russians
had back in the days before electricity. “Alexander, we are right now on the
territory of a functioning monastery?” “Yes.” “Um, why are we here?” “Because it’s the most ancient in Suzdal, it’s called the Rizopolozhenskii (Ризоположенский) and secondly we will go up to the bell
tower and take a look at Suzdal from a bird’s eye view.” “And that’s the best view of the city probably?” “Yep.” Alright so let’s check it out, the best view
in the city up there in the bell tower. Inside the bell tower they actually had a few little exhibits regarding bell production. That was something that I would have never expected! Wow! This could be the best view in all of
Russia, so many little old snow covered houses in a quiet little town. So romantic, this is the Russia that you
read about in classical literature. So Pushkin and Tolstoy fans start
working on those tourist visas. And watch your head as you are going down, the ceiling is very low in some spots. Back on the ground Alexander was kind
enough to get us permission to film inside one of Suzdal’s ancient churches – The Cathedral of the Transfiguration, which was completed in 1511. And just like many other religious
structures in Russia it is slowly being restored after the end of Communism. The remains of Euthymius of Suzdal, who founded the monastery surrounding the church, have been returned and are on display. Remember at Russian holy sites women cover their heads and men wear pants, which tends to happen automatically in -15 °C weather. But cold isn’t the problem. I think this time travel back to Suzdal is changing me somehow, I need to get my head back in order. But anyways, as we left Alexander said he
had a surprise for me… “We have come to a real blacksmith’s workshop!” “Well what are we going to do, forge something?” “You sir are going to make a nail, the hard way.” “Fantastic let’s do it.” Metal shop was probably my favorite
class in highschool and I almost became a professional
welder but alas due to work and family I haven’t made anything out of metal in many years and I can say one thing – I have basically forgotten everything that I learned but regardless I still had a blast! Fire, metal, and filth! I love workshops! Ok guys, so for this episode we have our
“Great Russian Present”: One nail made by me. Now the guys here gave me a little poem or fairy tale about the nail so we’ll read that when we get back to Moscow, but anyways Alexander thank you very much for your time and your help. Next time I’m in Suzdal I’m definitely
going to call you alright? So anyways, after all this hard work I’ve got
to think of some way to relax. How can I relax in Suzdal? Hmm. And now we’re going to do one of my absolute favorite things to do every time I am in Suzdal – a mead taste test. Mead is honey based alcohol and they
say there’s over 100 types of it. And, at this place they have basically all
of them and we’re going to try them. “Hello.” “Hello.” “It seems like you were waiting for me.” “Yes, please have a seat.” “Thank you!” Let the taste test begin. Ooo a hint of ginger. So the taste test works like this. They give you this nice little sheet here
with all the different meads numbered from one to 10. But to be honest, I’d rather let it be a
mystery and in fact let’s start with #10. I have no idea what that is. The mead in Suzdal is Russia’s finest and more often than not if you see it for sale in Moscow it was actually made here. But all this mead and time travel back to the olden days makes you want to go back to old Rus, to those jolly times before Peter the Great
ruined everything. Yeah, wouldn’t it be great to be in Suzdal back then, just wake up and be a prince or a lord or something. “Good Morning, Boyarin.” “Please drink some pickle juice.” “Would you like to bathe in the banya?” To the banya! Peasant get out of my way! My steed has arrived excellent! “We’re off!” (Поехали!) Hmm, well too much mead and too much time travel certainly had an “effect” on me. But regardless I have to say that Suzdal’s
horse taxis are amazing. Seeing the city from a sleigh was quite an
experience like riding through a Russian novel of yesteryear with the style and pazzaz of a gangster rapper of the 21st century. I, Boyarin (Боярин) or Nobleman Tim have
arrived at the banya (баня) which is Russia’s famous type of sauna. Thankfully some knaves of lower status
cleaned a nice path for me in the snow. Of course no nobleman would would do
the banya experience by himself so I hired a professional to beat me with
branches the right way, the Russian way. Being lashed by different types of tree
leaves is supposed to help your health and especially your skin in
various different ways. Russian traditional medicine, unlike say
Chinese, is not codified in any way but managing your body temperature
seems to be a big part of it. So the Russian banya is all about heating
yourself up then rapidly cooling off in ways that would seem mental to many foreigners. (One branch) hurts more than the other, why is that? I think it’s because they are from different trees. After the banya it’s tradition to drink tea, but you know, I want something a little more “satisfying.” When a Russian nobleman relaxes he
spares no expense, so I decided to order some amazing local Russian food. To heck with the show’s budget let the feast begin! Borscht, you know my tastes well lass. Well, shall we? The borscht was the best I’ve ever had in
my life, it had two full spare ribs in it and it was so purple from being
packed with some much beet action that it was perfectly sweet yet savory. In heaven the rivers are made of borsch, I’m sure of it. They also presented their lord with a fish patty from locally caught stock under a creamy
mushroom sauce with caviar, a garlic roll, and bliny with even more caviar. The Russianness of this meal blasted into overdrive. A true feast for a Russian oligarch of
yesteryear like myself. “The check, sir.” Boy that bill sure helped me heal up from
my time travel sickness real quick, okay now that I am completely flat broke
from my boyarin adventure I needed to find something very fun and
very cheap to do or buy. For you fans of shopping, right in the
middle of town are “trade rows” where, especially on the weekends, locals set up
shop to sell their goods to tourists, this gent claimed to sell soap made from
lard and ash, that combination was just too good sounding to pass up and
it cost like next to nothing. They told me that if you see a quilt that seems too cheap to possibly be handmade then it is. A real handmade quilt will cost over $100 for sure. Getting to live the life of a Russian boyarin who is wealthy and powerful is fun, but to have a good time in Suzdal it really
doesn’t take much cash, there are some affordable options. “Pavel hold on to the camera tightly, ahh!” Pasha we set a record, we went the farthest that means together we are the fattest! So if you want to say your name please, say
it for the record. My name is Bill. Okay, so Bill, what brings you to Suzdal and from where? Well, I am actually from the United States,
(from) New Jersey, I am teaching in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Oh, alright. And, I’m on a break so I decided to tour
around Russia a little bit. So I decided to come here for the beautiful
churches, the beautiful architecture. I was in Vladimir, Bogolyubovo, now I’m in Suzdal. Well that’s the spirit, go from one place cold, to some place also cold for vacation. I appreciate it. So what sort of things do
you think in Suzdal are really worth other tourists coming to see. I mean I think it depends. I really like the
architecture the old feeling of the city. It’s like you’re pulled out of Moscow, which
is very modern, into back in the 12th century to 13th century. And, I just love that about the city. Yeah believe me I know, the only thing that’s good there are the careers. But one other… then last question, is there anything that was kind of disappointing, maybe you were promised to see something really cool in Suzdal and it kind of fell flat? Anything? Honestly I didn’t have big expectations when I came here, because I knew little about it. So when I came here I was just taken aback. Everything I’ve seen, every corner I turn
there is a new church to visit or something like that, a new site to see. Well that’s fantastic, I know as a pessimist, that if you have a horrible low view of everything, then everything is great in the long run, and in the end you become an optimist. Thank you very much Bill. I appreciate your time. And have a good time while you’re in Suzdal. Thank you. So guys that was Suzdal, Russia’s little time capsule, that you’re allowed to enter. And, it’s not too expensive. It’s not too far from Moscow. It’s very family friendly. And most of all it’s small. You can walk everywhere, which is a huge advantage. And anyways guys, yeah I had a great time and I hope you did too, remember to subscribe, and I’ll tell you one more thing, one more thing, the borscht here is the best I had in my life. Amazing borscht, wow!

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