100 thoughts on “Swedish Skating Coach Feature – JRM Skate and Skills

  1. Fun fact: the Swedish word for skate is "skridsko"
    Not only a fun word, it means gliding shoe. And they don't have a verb for skating, they say "åka skridsko", which translates to "ride on gliding shoe". 🙂

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  3. Did very similar power skating drills taught by a female figure skating instructor when I played years ago. She nearly killed us all. She was faster than us, more agile than us, turned tighter than us, she looked graceful doing it and seemed to use a hell of a lot less energy than us big idiots hehe. Was a real eye opener that correct skating technique can have a huge effect of your game and with practice they allowed us to play harder for longer in a game due to saved effort.

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  6. Thank you for letting us know how to make a mini hockey rink I'm probably one of your best friends I love hockey and I love playing it I think if you agree May you send me a stick CCM please

  7. Lol this is what happens when figure skaters coach hockey players. If this were my son's team, I would pull him off the ice and head for the weight room….

  8. This stuff should be done when your young and have a nimble body. To start this level of exercises at 50 might be a little too much. I use to do this stuff when I was young but now at 54 I hesitate to do them. Though I still think I could pull off a 360 if I wanted to. I think i'll play it safe.

  9. This is REALLY GOOD stuff. I would love to see schools teach this kind of movement to the kids. Todays kids move a lot less than the generations before them and these kind of exercises would be awesome!

  10. I used to aggressive inline rollerblade when I was a teenager. Jumping on and off hand rails hitting ramps and gaps. It helps your Hockey game soooo much . Just think of all the balance and core strength you gain .

  11. Good stuff. I showed this to my nine year old and he’s doing pretty well with it after a couple skates – all except the convex Mohawks. Maybe not flexible enough yet >:-(

  12. what skates are they that he is using, they look cool, even after skating in AS1s, these are still cool

  13. Not impressed tbh. The coach is a great skater but the 12 year olds I know skate that well. (I know its not about the speed rather the technique)

  14. My 8 year old watched this video many times and has learned how to do most of these drills on his own. Thanks for sharing so my son can challenge himself.

  15. One of the dumbest things I've ever seen in my life. This guy has no concept about what is actually important in the game of hockey.

  16. He's not doing anything impressive. Any good skater can lean into a turn as much as their skates will allow (eventually your boots will hit the ice, which limits how low you can lean). And his little Salchow jump (or whatever) is pointless, but even that can be quickly learned (for no benefit whatsoever) by a good skater, as seen in this video.

  17. whenever our coach try’s to work on edges with us everyone thinks he is weird and doesn’t listen. I think this is necessary to every hockey player. I would love to be comfortable in every situation on ice.

  18. I belive quiet and smooth skating is suitable for already strong and skilled skaters. When u learn angles, just cut ice as deep as u can and develope control, after that maybe you can smooth and polish your technics. Just spend enough hours on it. At basic level, sound that ice produce shows you point when, and how rough you grab. It helps to better feel your skating.

  19. An explanation for why Swedish ice hockey players are generally better than transatlantic is origin. Origin of sports. During the 50's, the players often came from another skate sport, bandy. There you play with a much larger rink as a football field (sucker) and may not tackle. This means that speed skill is necessary. It was a long time ago but it set the bar. The tradition is still there today.

  20. u think sid went to Sweden to get as good as he is lol


    Also, arguably the most overlooked aspect of the sport. so many people wanna practice shots and dekes. do not get me a wrong that is super important but i think overall skating especially balance is the the key to success.

  21. In order to make it to the NHL you need to be an elite skater. Skating is def the number one skill necessary to master in order to even have a shot of making it.

  22. The one thing I am wondering about is how quiet he is. I thought players skating they dig in to get that power and speed and it sounds like they rip the ice.
    Anyone watch that Mackinnon vs Speed Skater video ? What did he do, blue line to blue line in 2.6 ? Not exactly slow, and it was most definitely not quiet lol.
    Maybe I'm missing something, hopefully someone can help me out with this.
    Thanks Jeremy for all the videos

  23. This is the worst skating training. Does not apply for hockey at all. There falling all over the place lol look at the little fairy who’s teaching them this useless shit.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing. The training was so reminiscent of my late fathers training 25 years ago. So good to watch these young guys learning control of their skates and body positioning on the ice.

  25. Some swenglish explained.
    When he says smooth I believe he meens flexible. Smidig = flexible in swedish.
    He also said ”that is the worst thing that could happen” meaning ”if you fall don't worry it's not a problem”
    There were some more that I can't remember now.

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