Swimming at Green Hill Lake, Ararat in western Victoria, Australia

What sort of people would swim at this beach here? Mainly little kids It’s really interesting when you come out when families are here and they’ve got these big blow up things like you see over there Yes, the pink flamingo is pretty popular They were all along the beach, weren’t they? It’s just amazing that mum and dad can sit there and enjoy themselves Are you allowed to bring your dogs for a swim here? Yes, there’s a dog off-leash area and that’s one of the things that families like also because most people have a family pet and they’re so restricted in a caravan park A lot of the truck drivers will tell you when you’re talking to them They’ve been driving past for years and one day I thought I’d come and have a look and that’s why we’re here It’s one of those little unknown pockets that people are just getting to know about and of course when it’s like this, it’s just magnificent

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