Swimming in Ice Pools of Fire.

– Good morning from Alaska. It’s day one, day two, day
two, I guess we’ll call it. – It’s not even day, but it’s day– – It’s day, it’s like
10:00 in the morning and– – It’s completely dark outside. – Totally dark, it only gets light for about three hours here. We’re gonna go out to this
place called Chena Hot Springs, and they have an outdoor
springs that you swim in. I’m gonna take you outside for a minute. – Then we’re gonna meet
up with my cousin today. – Yeah. – Stand out here for like 20 seconds. – [Man] I wanna walk around. – I know, but just like,
do you feel it all ready? – Yeah, I can feel it. It’s so dark you can’t even
see what we’re doing out here. You can kind of see the sunrise up there. All right, I turned on night vision, let’s see if we can even see you guys. There’s Claire. – Hi! – [Man] There’s Lincoln,
on top of a snow hill. There he goes. – I’m freezing all ready. – Oh yeah, it’s like
20 below zero out here. It is so cold. Ah, night vision. (man laughing) It looks so funny. This is the way to do Christmas, they even put Christmas lights
on the shed, that’s cool. All right guys, we’re gonna
get going now, come on. – Okay. – Let’s go in. Got the Christmas lights on now. My face is frozen. (kids yelling) Oh man, why do people live here? It’s amazing that they do, wow. – We’re back. – [Man] So cold, (mumbles) cheeks. – My face, my face! – [Man] That looks cold. We’re supposed to turn right here, but this giant truck is pushing snow right where we’re supposed to turn. – [Woman] Yeah, you got that,
see go right where he went. – [Man] Yeah, but he’s gonna run me over. – [Woman] Okay, there he goes. Now we can go. – [Man] Yeah, but he’s still work. What, how’s he just following him? – [Woman] Just go, just go. – [Man] Really? – [Woman] Yes. – [Man] Dude, they’re nutty. – [Woman] Just go, you’re good. – [Man] All right, all right, I’m going. Danger, frequent stops and backing up. – [Woman] Babe, you got
this, now go around. – These are not regular snow trucks. I should’ve let you drive. (people laughing) All right, so check this out, fun thing. You see this right here on the window? It looks like your regular
just frost that you see, I don’t know, that I see
in Utah on the window, you touch it, it’s pure ice, cold ice. On the inside of the car. Then look at the trees, they’re
all just pure white outside, but there is a time period where, I think it’s like in October, as soon as it hits that day, it will not get above
freezing until spring time. And so every snowflake that
falls stays on the ground. So yeah, this is pretty intense. We’re driving out to Chena Hot Springs. There’s supposed to be
lots of moose out here. (relaxing simple music) Moose! In the road! – [Woman] Watch out,
there’s more, there’s more. – [Man] Here comes some more! – [Woman] There’s more, there’s more, there’s probably another one. – [Man] Hey guys! – [Lincoln] What’s up? – Oh yeah, there he goes, see ya! Yeah, we saw moose. – [Woman] You guys happy? – Good eye, momma, you saw it first. You are good at finding moose. – I am, they stress me out on the road. – That was fun, they were big and fast. Well you can’t miss it because
the road just ends out here, as soon as you get to it. So yeah, we made it, we
made it to the hot springs. Caution, dog teams may not appear– – [Woman] May appear. – May appear at any time on the road, please drive slowly. Really important when you’re here, to make sure you plug
your car in so it will actually start the next day. Okay, look at this door. This is the inside of the door, that’s how you know it’s cold. This giant building is a swimming pool, that’s where the kids
and everybody can go to. On the other side there’s
rocks with an outdoor spa, type thing, hot springs. Only 18 and older can go there. So, sounds weird but
you never really notice that you have nose hairs
until you’re in below zero temperature, then every time you breathe it’s like your nose freezes up with snot. It’s really gross, sorry. I don’t think there’s
anything special to this pool. Oh no, that’s hot, I think
that’s from the hot springs. (exciting rhythmic music) Check this out, it’s like an ice castle. Ooh, hot. Look at this place. Dang. Oh, look at this. Check this out, Lincoln, go. Keep going, keep going. – Why is it so cold? – [Man] Look over there, look at that. That’s all hot tub rock spring stuff. All right, go ahead, you can go back in and go get in the pool. I just wanted you to see that. Look at him go. Does that feel better? – Yes. – [Man] All right, I’ll
go get my swimsuit on. – My face is cold. – It’s nice, look at that tree, it’s like all completely ice. Okay, this is happening. What is this? Dang, that feels good, that
is like burning, burning hot. I can’t explain it. It feels so hot, it’s good. Do you guys know how hot
this water is supposed to be? – [Woman] 109, I think. – 109, holy smokes. (man laughing) I don’t know what to
think about this raining tower of fire. We’re gonna make our way over. This is not a waterproof camera, but I’m getting you guys a shot. It’s hotter, it’s getting hotter, that’s hotter than 109. I don’t think I can get
any closer to this area. It’s not right there, I think that’s where the hottest part is. It smells like rotten eggs. There’s a reason why
there’s nobody in this area. Ooh! I feel like my skin’s burning off. Hey! Look who’s here. – It’s so hot. – [Man] Come over here, it gets colder the further you get over here. Oh man. – It is nice. – [Man] It’s really nice. (woman laughing) – I don’t wanna go that way. It’s like all of a sudden
it changed like 10 degrees. – [Man] I know, come a
little bit closer to me. – That’s as far as I go. – We’re not there yet, we just
need to get to right there. But I feel like it really
is burning my stomach. – [Woman] Don’t, don’t do it. – Ouch. Okay, I need to put my other hand in because this one’s frozen, there we go. I was almost getting
frostbite on one hand, the other hand was burning,
third degree burns. – I’m gonna stay in this area. – [Man] All right, you stay, you chill. – No, I’ll get out. – [Man] Put your face under,
it’s good for your skin. – No, I’m not putting my fave under it, that sounds awful. – [Man] How’s your hair Lincoln? – It’s hard. – Look at that, see his hair? Turn sideways. That’s all ice. All right, we’re done,
that was really fun. What did you think of that place, Lincoln? – That was awesome. – [Man] Tired? – Yeah, I’m hungry. – It kind of makes you
tired and so hungry. – I’m hungry, I’m hungry. – Yeah, me too. It’s like all that hot
water, and you’re outside and it’s cold, and it’s hot,
it just messes with you. So I hear they have a cafe here, otherwise we have to wait
an hour until we get home. So we’re gonna venture out into the cold, find ourself some food. We got some moose. They’re not as friendly
as they are in cartoons. – Yeah, you were thinking
about running after one. – See the spa, moose. That’s about as close as I’m gonna get. Oh, he’s leaving, yeah, he’s leaving. Look how tall that guy is. You need a massage, you can go here. Oh, we’ve gotta be
quiet because massage is going in progress right now. Barely can make it, nope. (light whistling) – [Woman] Very good. (people laughing) (exciting fun music) – All right, I’m leaving
to go to a hockey game and it’s teddy bear night. I don’t have a teddy
bear, I have a monkey, hopefully they’re okay with that. All right, I’ll be back and
you’ll all ready be sleeping. Love you, bye, see ya. – Bye. – All right, bye honey. – [Man] All right, see you later. – See you guys. Oh yeah, knuckles. This is it, pretty good seats. Zamboni’s out there. When you come to Alaska, you
have to go to a hockey game. So the kids are all in bed, but I thought, I gotta go. University of Alaska Fairbanks against University of Alaska Anchorage. Big rivals, they are the Nanook Nation, and I don’t know what Anchorage is, and I don’t know what a Nanook is. What’s a Nanook? – (Mumbles) – What’s a Nanook? – A baby polar bear. – Baby polar bears, that’s what they are, that sounds deadly. (exciting rock music) – [Announcer] Ladies
and Gentlemen (mumbles), the Alaskan Nanooks. (rhythmic fun music) – Four seconds left and
it’s teddy bear time. I’m gonna try to get
this monkey all the way to the center of the ring,
that’s what I’m gonna go for, the center. (man yelling) Not even close. (fun rhythmic music) (people cheering) (man laughing) That’s about it. That was super funny, watching
the people get rejected. I thought I was gonna get it
all the way in the center, I barely made it over the glass. That was embarrassing,
not my proudest moment. The update so far is zero
pucks going in the net, zero fights, lots of
teddy bears made it on, but lots of them rejected. So second period’s coming
soon, see how it goes. We’re at the hockey game, we found some (mumbles) fans. – (Mumbles). – (Mumbles). (people cheering) (buzzer buzzing loudly) – That’s a wrap, that’s
a game, that’s a match. I don’t even know what you’d call hockey. There were zero fights. If you go to a hockey game
and there’s no fights, did the game really exist? It was still fun though. Just got out of the hockey
game, it’s a little cold. (exciting fun music)

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