Swimming Tutorial. Breathing. Part 2. How to improve your Freestyle Technique. Head position

The best way to learn new skills is to focus
on one thing and practice it frequently. The next time you swim it is a good idea to
focus on your shoulders and head position as explained on these 4 points. Your eyes should be pointing between the surface
and the bottom of the pool. If you look up too much, you will create drag
and your lower body will sink, creating more drag.
If you look down too much you will create excess drag with your head and shoulders. The rotation of the shoulders is important
to prevent injuries and to pull more water with each stroke. This should be a natural rotation caused by the reaching
of one arm and the recovery of the other. If you are not breathing, then your head should
be completely still. This might be a challenge specially when the shoulders are rotating
correctly, but if you focus on following the lines on the floor, it will be easier to keep
your head still. A good breathing timing can improve your stroke
dramatically. The breath is short and quick, it should take less than the arm’s recovery.
Your mouth should be twisted to one side. Only one goggle should be out of the water.
If you turn your head too much, you will mess up the timing, your arms will be forced to
slow down and you will sink a little. Remember to practice one thing at a time. Bonus tip. Don’t forget to make this face
while you put your goggles on. Thanks for watching!
Swim fast!

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