Swimming vs. Running: Which Is The Best For You?

Swimming vs. Running: Which Is The Best For You?

Run off. I’ve got a video to do. Sup guys, Trace here. Thanks for watching
DNews today. In High School, I was on the track and cross country teams, but I was ALSO
on the swim team. Running is exercise. Swimming is too. They’re both exercise, and they’re
both great in their own way. But, which is BETTER? ITS TIME FOR A SCIENCE THROWDOWN. Let’s tackle the benefits: Running is easy,
most people have two legs and can probably walk and run — if imperfectly. It’s great
cardiovascular exercise. Running USA, the major running and foot racing advocacy organization,
says 30 million people took to the streets at least 50 times per person in 2012. People
who run or jog regularly, even for a 5 to 10 minutes a day are healthier than non-runners,
and have a 45% lower cardiovascular mortality. Running can build bone density and runners
have later-onset age-related disability and 3 years added to their lives in comparison
to non-runners. Swimming has a little higher learning curve.
You might have to take swimming lessons, for one. But once you’ve gotten past that hurdle,
the benefits are clear. Swimming is ALSO great cardiovascular exercise. A 2008 peer-reviewed
study in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education followed over 40,000
men for 13 years and found lower mortality rates than people who were sedentary, walkers,
and runners. Resistance training is better than pure cardio for building bone density
and muscle; and swimming has resistance, if small. In fact, the butterfly is considered
the single most taxing movement in sports — it’s more difficult than bicycling 14 miles
per hour (23kph), or running a 10 minute mile. Calories burned for either running or swimming
vary depending on your weight and the difficulty level. Though overall the journal of the American
Statistical Association found swimmers will burn 25 percent more calories, but runners
can usually go for longer. Running’s biggest drawback is impact problems,
right? It’s an impact sport, my Dad always said! Maybe not! A 21-year-long Stanford study
of 1,000 runners and non-runners found joint problems were found equally across both groups.
Minimalist or barefoot running and thick running shoes also battle within running culture,
but in a comprehensive study of shoes versus no shoes found the problem was people. If
we’re used to running with shoes, and try barefoot we hurt ourselves; and the opposite
is true too. So fight about if you want, but if you do it right, the science seems to say
they’re both fine,. Long-distance intensive running can cause health problems — we’ve
talked about it on DNews before.. Swimming has an obvious drawback; drowning.
It does happen, though it’s pretty damn rare. Chlorine in swimming pools isn’t great for
your skin, but its there to kill disease-causing contaminants. But kids’ over-exposure to
chlorine can reduce testosterone and infant over-exposure cause respiratory problems.
This is after hundreds of hours in a pool environment; so maybe not something everyone
should be concerned about. It can also be alleviated by swimming in a lake, ocean, or
a saltwater pool. It seems pretty much a tie to me. Overall,
both swimming and running promote cardiovascular health, as long as you don’t overdo it, and
you get the proper training. With both swimming and running make sure you talk to someone
about proper technique if you want to do it right. Just because you can doesn’t mean you
know how to do it properly. So which do YOU think is better? Why don’t you tell us? I
like both. Exercise is hard, but so is Going Off Grid.
It’s not for everyone. Going off grid explores the lives of those who choose a different
path. This pro-snowboarder lives in a tiny house in Northern California. The whole thing
is only 225 square feet.

4 thoughts on “Swimming vs. Running: Which Is The Best For You?

  1. I love swimming but boasting that butterfly is the most taxing movement In sports makes me laugh, butterfly has always made me laugh a bit hahah. Its both slower and harder than freestyle and its kind of similar to saying that sprint cycling while seated backwards on your bike is the most taxing exercise. like sure it is but its also kind of inefficient

  2. I’m sorry i’m a slimmer since my 5 and i run to but I think that swimming is far better because running is bad for your knee’s

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