– Look at that mouth! You would not wanna
get anywhere near that! That’s what you would
see down in the Amazon in South America when
you’re catching these guys. Only the right head has
eaten so far so hopefully, we can get both of them to eat. I got an idea, me and you
versus these two bums. Again, I want to do more of this type of stuff in the future. Excited I got somethin’ in the mail! – How many times has that happened? It happens a lot! (grunts) – (straining) Good morning, everybody, and welcome to the vlog with
my big guy, Bowser, here the Alligator Snapping Turtle. This guy’s a heavy little monkey and we have some pond
maintenance goin’ on today. So I figured I’d go ahead,
get this guy out of the pond and before we actually
do some maintenance, I thought it might be
kinda cool if we go ahead and get Ivy, the Green Anaconda, and give her a little pond swimming time. I tell you what, this guy’s
a prehistoric beast for sure. Just look at that mouth! You would not wanna get
anywhere near that for sure. I’ve gotta go ahead and
put him up here (grunts) and have Eric jump in, grab him. You got him, Eric? – Yeah. – All right, we’re gonna go ahead and get him in a holding container. There you go. I tell you what, he’s
about 100 pounds guys, that’s a lot of weight. And the thing is he’s gonna
get probably 200 pounds eventually, gonna take a long time. He’s already 41 years old. He might live a couple hundred years. But eventually, I don’t
know how we’re even gonna lift him out of this pond. We’re gonna need like a
crane or somethin’ like that. Regardless, I’m gonna go ahead, get Ivy, do some swimmin’ around in here because she’s never been in an enclosure that has a swimming area. We are making a big water
basin for her in her enclosure. Now of course, when we
expand, I definitely want to make something like this for Ivy. So let’s go ahead, get her
and see how she’ll like it. And here’s Ivy, I tell you what
she is such a strong animal. I can’t even quantify
how strong anacondas are compared to say, boas or pythons. They are ridiculous. So we’re gonna go ahead
and get her in some water. This has been a dream of mine forever to swim with an anaconda. I’ve never done it, I have
no idea how she’s gonna do. And again, the way she was kept before was in a relatively smaller
area with not a lot of water and now that we’re building a
big basin for her in her tank, she’s never been swimming
before that I know of. So we’re gonna go ahead
and just release her into this pond and then I’ll climb in and have some fun with her. Come on, Ivy, I know you’re
gonna love this, girl. There you go, sweetheart. There you go. (laughing) She doesn’t
seem to know what to do. There she goes, right down to the bottom. Just like you would
expect an anaconda to do. Now again, we have some
sediment down there from Bowser so it’s not crystal clear. But I’m gonna go ahead and jump
in there and have some fun. This is how an anaconda is
gonna live a lot of their life is in water, just like this. And ironically enough, even though the water’s a little
murky from the sediment, this is kinda what they’re in in the wild. They just basically
disappear into the water and you can see with that head and the way the nostrils are, it’s
meant for them to be the majority of their body underwater and just have that
little bit of their head and nostrils sticking
up so they can breathe and they can do their hunting. It’s really interesting just to see how they move in the water, I mean what an absolutely fascinating time. And like I mentioned,
I’ve been kinda dreaming my whole life to be able to get in the water with an anaconda. I remember going to
several zoos and seeing them kinda hanging out in the water and thinking “What
would it be like to just “get in there and start
swimming around with them.” And I can honestly tell
you this is everything I absolutely imagined that it was. It’s incredible, Ivy is
just so happy like this. Again, we have to do this when we expand, have an enclosure just like this for her. She’ll probably spend
maybe 80 or 90% of her time in the water because she is so adaptive. Just look at her, I just let her go and she just goes right down like nothin’ and that’s how it is. See how she’s floatin’ her head like that? That’s what you would see down in the Amazon in South America when you’re catching these guys. Hoohoo, doggy, I tell you
what, what a gorgeous snake. And this is the environment
that she definitely needs in the future for sure. I can’t wait till we stuff like this, it’s gonna be so fun. And I’ve mentioned before, doing swimming with opportunities here
at the reptile zoo, can you imagine swimming with an anaconda, swimming with Arjay the
alligator, maybe Lucy, Elvis. I mean this is really the
experience I want you guys to feel ’cause as awesome as it is for me, I want you guys to see how awesome it is. Just look at her over here, hoo. And she is just absolutely
loving this time. Definitely something
I’m gonna do more often, just ever time I take
Bowser out for a cleaning, I’m gonna give her a
half an hour or an hour just to kinda swim around
’cause this is what she absolutely loves. And again, this is the first
time in her entire life that she’s had this
opportunity which I think is absolutely incredible. I definitely have to make
this a reality all the time. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what an absolutely amazing experience. Ivy, you are incredible, girl and I know you love this, sweetheart. Oh, I love it when my animals are happy, it just makes me happy. Wow, how awesome is this. (thumping techno music) Since we’re cleaning Bowser,
the Alligator Snapping Turtle, let’s go ahead and see if my two-headed snapping turtle will eat. They’ve been settling in really well. Only the right head has eaten so far so hopefully we can get
both of them to eat. Let’s just go ahead and give it a shot. Oh my god, that was so awesome. Finally, both heads ate, that is amazing. You guys know that Ben and
Jerry, the two-headed snake, both heads eat. The fact that they’re both
aggressively feeding now gives me so much happiness because I know that they’re well on
their way to growing up. I mean hey, we got a long
way to go, I understand that. But they are doing absolutely amazing. Oh and by the way, we did
a little community poll as well as you guys commented
like crazy on the video for the name and I think
the overwhelmingly, because we have Bowser the
Alligator Snapping Turtle, we now have Mario and Luigi
the two-headed snapping turtle. Let me know in the comments
if you guys like it and if you don’t, let me
know if there’s another name you’re thinking of, I am
99% sure it’s gonna be Mario and Luigi but hey,
down in the comments you guys can go ahead and
try to change my mind. But how awesome is it
that they’re both eating. So I’m pretty stoked, someone
actually came over and made us a surprise, a Reptarium
and “Make Today Awesome” corn hole, that’s where
you kinda, you know, you throw the little bean bag
and it’s gotta get in the hole so I think I’m gonna go
get Lori and we’re gonna challenge Noah and Eric to a
game of Reptarium corn hole. Lori, I’ve got an idea. Me and you versus these
two bums in corn hole. (laughs) What do you guys think? – Uh uh.
– Good at corn hole? – You’re goin’ down. – All right, what happens to the loser? – Bucks. – 50 bucks, that’s right,
winner gets 50 bucks. – Wait, these guys don’t have 50 bucks. – Oh.
– No, we got it. – I can make a few phone
calls, I got people. – All right, let’s go do it. Let’s, you ready, Lori? Let’s go show these
kids how you’re supposed to be playing the game. – He’s older than me. – Well yeah but he’s still a kid to us. – He’s still younger than us. – Let’s go! (anticipating rock music) Yes! (Lori whoops) This was so much fun,
we kicked their butts! – Yes, we did!
– I tell you what. – Thank you so much for making these, these are gonna be out
in front of the Reptarium for the rest of the fall for sure. We’re gonna have some good time, so. (yelling) You guys suck! – And you owe me 50 bucks! – 50 bucks! – There was no shakes,
we didn’t shake on it! – I told you he didn’t have any money. – These kids, these kids. And if I’m gonna spend
time with my girl, Ivy, you know I’m gonna spend
time with my girl, Verde. As much as I think Ivy
is incredible, honestly Verde will always have my heart
when it comes to anacondas. So we went ahead and set
up a little tiny pool for her to swim in. And again, eventually
both these guys will have really large enclosures where
they can swim all they want. But let’s just go ahead
and see what Verde does in this little pool. There you go, Verde, you
wanna do some swimmin’ too? Oh, there she goes, she just disappeared! Verde, where’d you go? Where’d you go, sweetheart? (laughing) Oh my god, I
think she loves it too. How awesome is that? And obviously, this
isn’t a super deep pool or anything like that, but she seems to be lovin’ her time in here, too. I don’t know, I just
thought it was really cute. Again, if I’m gonna spend
time with Ivy in a pond, I have to have my little
girl, Verde, have a little bit of swim time, too. Again, she doesn’t have
a super large water basin in her cage, but eventually
she definitely will as well. And look at how big she is getting. And she is just so absolutely incredible. I love her so much. I tell you what, there’s
somethin’ about green anacondas, I don’t know what it is. They’re just such majestic
animals, so incredible. And they are super cool to work with. So I’m gonna let her just
have a little bit of fun and, while I’m thinking
about it, might as well pull Toothless out and let him
have a little fun in here later in the vlog, too,
because I think he’ll love climbing up on stuff then maybe swimming around a little bit. If the water was a little
deeper, it’d probably help but for now, I think this
is the best we’re gonna do. Toothless will love this, too. He’s startin’ to go into some shed, too. He’ll probably just climb around. Ideally, this would be
a deeper water for him. I think he’d like it more but I think he’ll still enjoy this. Toothless, you wanna go in for some swims? There you go, buddy. Well, I don’t know if he’s gonna actually be able to swim too much because
it’s a little bit shallow but I think he’ll enjoy
just kinda runnin’ around and exploring and stuff like that. (laughing) He’s incredible, what an absolutely insanely cool animal. Look at him, he’s like “Oh, what’s this?” Again, I want to do more of this type of stuff in the future! More of these types of
enclosures that have the ability for them to hide
and climb and get in water and all that type of stuff. That’s what I eventually want
to continue to expand into. I think Toothless is
loving it, he’s just kinda checking it out, he doesn’t
know what’s going on to be honest with ya. So again, just like Verde, I’ll give him the next 20, 30 minutes
just for him to kinda run around, enjoy himself and have some good enrichment from this. Definitely have to do this more often. So time to get Bowser back. We got it cleaned up pretty good. He’s ready to get back
in his water, I’m sure. Gosh, this guy is such a heavy beast. (grunts) Okay, Bowser, it’s okay buddy, it’s okay. Up you go, up you go. All right baby, oh my gosh
those claws are just so crazy. (grunts) There you go, baby. (laughs) I tell you what, I wish
you guys could just feel the energy and the power
that that animal has. It’s heavy, those claws
get on you, he just grabs. I mean this really is a living dinosaur. Oh my gosh, so all right, one
major thing down for the day. Excited, I got somethin’ in the mail! But this is something I actually ordered. You guys know that I am a sneaker guy and I love sneakers. Well you may not know know this, I might have told you,
I can’t really remember, but I always do sneaker
Saturday and sneaker Sunday at the Reptarium. I don’t know, I’m real
superstitious so I always feel like I have to
have like a really cool pair of sneakers on
during the weekend because you guys won’t come if I
don’t have cool sneakers on. I know that’s ridiculous but
the point is, I like sneakers and I’m really pretty excited about these ones here for sure. Let’s go ahead and see
what we got, hoohoo doggy, look at these suckers right here! Oh oh, look at this, “Species!” And then this says, what does this say? “Infinite.” So I’ve got “Infinite Species.” These are actually
Adidas hu or Human Races, I love ’em, I love the
soles on ’em and stuff. Cool, I love these guys
so I just needed some fire for my feet for next weekend’s
you know, Reptarium shot. Let me know in the comments
if you guys like this and let’s go see if Lori’ll like ’em. I’m sure she will. Let’s go ahead and show
Lori the new shoes. Hey, Lori, I think you’re
gonna like these shoes. These are awesome. What do you think? Are they good? – Infinite, what is this, species? – [Brian] Infinite species. – Um, the color is
okay, the style is ugly. – It’s ugly, what are you talking about? – What the heck’s going on in there? – That’s nice.
– Froot Loop rainbow, fruity pebbles. – Yeah. – Um, no, these are really ugly. – They’re ugly? – Yeah. – These are fire, Lori. – I’d like to set them on fire. (both laugh) – Don’t you set my shoes on fire. Give me these shoes back. We’re outta here. – How many times has that happened? – [Lori] It happens a lot! (both laugh) – And you know what I gotta do? I come back here on my off time to drink and paint more
animals, that’s what I do now. – [Lori] Welcome to my life. – What an absolutely amazing experience to go swimming with Ivy the anaconda. It was so cool, and it was
cool to see little Verde and Toothless as well. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. Here’s another video of me
swimming with big snakes. Here’s another playlist
I think you guys will absolutely love. Do me a favor, right over here,
hit that subscribe button, turn those post notifications
on, make sure you have an absolutely wonderful day. Be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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