Swimming With Turtles in St. Thomas, USVI // St. Thomas Adventure Tours // US Virgin Islands

Swimming With Turtles in St. Thomas, USVI // St. Thomas Adventure Tours // US Virgin Islands

Hello. I am super excited
for today’s video because I am here in St. Thomas
in the US Virgin Islands and I’m with St. Thomas Adventure Tours and today we are going
to be snorkeling with turtles. We just got
to our snorkeling spot so, let’s do this. Ten years of good luck. We just got back from snorkeling
and it was incredible. We’re now going to finish up
our snorkel day by having some lunch. I ordered a veggie burger
with some black bean pasta salad. I don’t know
but it sounded really good, so I’m looking
forward to it. I was right, lunch was delicious. And with that we end this epic day
with St. Thomas Adventure Tours. This was such a unique experience,
I cannot recommend it enough. Coming to St. Thomas alone
it’s such a fun and interesting time and I always have fun here. When you come to St. Thomas
you definitely have to make it a point to book one of the tours
with St. Thomas Adventure Tours. I did the snorkeling with the sea turtles because I love sea turtles and I thought
that that would be so cool to do and it was the super dough. They offer other experiences
like kayaking and rock climbing and they’re just
a really awesome company. If you enjoyed watching this video
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whenever I make other videos just like this. For now, I am gonna go. So, I will see you when I see you, bye! This video was made possible by my patrons
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12 thoughts on “Swimming With Turtles in St. Thomas, USVI // St. Thomas Adventure Tours // US Virgin Islands

  1. That looked absolutely amazing I really have to get down there one day. The water off my beaches in Florida are pretty nice but not that nice

  2. We LOVE sea turtles! We got the chance to volunteer at a sea turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka for 3 weeks and it was amazing. They really are awesome creatures, and they're ticklish. Great Video Romina, we miss you.

  3. What an awesome little video! That must have been such a fun and relaxing experience! Just looking at those underwater clips! Wow! What a different world it is! Your content is always so fun! Keep it up! =)

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