Switzerland Walking & Hiking Trip Video | Backroads Travel

We’re about to enjoy Switzerland the land of chocolate, cheese, wildflowers
glaciers, happy cows and these beautiful mountains around us. One of the best things about Switzerland is the sound of cowbells just all the
time everywhere you hike Seeing Switzerland by hiking is the best
way to do it because you get to go up into the mountains, you get to go through
the trees, by the brooks, and it’s all unfiltered. You also get to do it at your
own pace so when you see something that is beautiful you can stop and really
drink it in. The guides are just amazing, they give you the perfect
experience in every country. It’s different to just being a tourist. Did you know
that the Toblerone is actually shaped after the Matterhorn? There it is! Here we have the national flower of
Switzerland, it’s the Edelweiss here we are on a bird’s-eye view above
Zermatt which is going to be our home base for the next two days Absolutely fantastic! I mean, between the
weather and the scenery, the food the hotels, you get to do the active things
that you want to be doing with a group of like-minded individuals with some
staff who are very enthusiastic about what they do. You could not have asked
for a better experience. To an excellent week!

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