How the “Dolphin Kick” changed Swimming forever | On the Line

I used to do like four or five dolphin kicks off the walls and that would probably get me about five to seven metres underwater. It was 1984, nobody was using it. I started, but the next generation came around and took it further than I did. I might be Continue Reading

How Japan Changed Swimming Forever | The Olympics On The Record

In the early years of the 20th century, the United States owned Olympic swimming. Every Summer Games, the best Americans proved way too strong for their international rivals. Stars like Duke Kahanamoku and Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller were famous around the world. How could a smaller nation, without the tradition Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle, Olympic swimming coach. And I’m here to help you with some of your swimming needs. Everything that we’ll be doing here today has been practised umpty-ump times by our swimmers, so it becomes second nature and basically motor memory. Looking at the fly stroke right here. Continue Reading