МНЕНИЕ⚡Щербакова ВЫИГРАЕТ Туктамышева Будет Второй Skate America.Opinion Anna Shcherbakova will win.

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and channel guests. Today will be another press review. Shcherbakova will win the stage Grand Prix in Las Vegas, and Tuktamysheva will be the second. View from the USA. Famous journalist from USA Jackie Wong expressed opinion that the current champion of Russia Anna Shcherbakova will Continue Reading

СРОЧНО⚡Тутберидзе Сопровождает Щербакову на Skate America❤️Tutberidze accompanies Shcherbakova

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and channel guests. Very good news, Eteri Tutberidze accompanies Anna Shcherbakova in America. Russian team flew in after 10pm. Guys looked strong tormented by a long road. “Flew more than a day, flight put off three times. For the first time in my life I don’t Continue Reading

Щербакова ПЯТЬ 4Lz и ВОСЕМЬ 3Lz+3Lo Skate America 2019❤️Shcherbakova FIVE 4Lz and EIGHT 3Lz + 3Lo

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and channel guests. So the long-awaited began season 2019 – 2020 in figure skating among adults. The first stage of the Grand Prix of Skate America. I am sure that the main struggle for winning Skate America tie between our beloved crystal princess Anna Shcherbakova and Continue Reading

Johnny Weir is Figure Skating’s Force of Nature | Fashion Behind the Games

How you doing, everybody? – These are the 2000s. – Right now. More specifically, 2010. The Chinese horoscope says it’s the Year Of The Tiger. Yeah, sounds good. The Earth Hour is celebrated in more than 4,000 cities in 125 countries around the globe to raise awareness about climate change. Continue Reading

Figure Skating Motivation | The Olympics with Yuzuru Hanyu (Sports Inspiring Moments that motivate)

[MY DREAMS] Figure Skating in The Olympics with Yuzuru Hanyu (Inspirational Moments that motivate)

The Love Story Between Two Figure Skaters | A Game for Two

I’m Anna Cappellini, World Champion ice-dancer. I started skating when I was three because there was an ice rink near my home. So my parents took me there one Sunday then another then I kept asking to go back to the ice rink and that’s how my adventure started. I’m Continue Reading

Do fancy costumes help Skaters win Olympic Glory? | Burning Questions

Where else would you be able to see a giant swan and a besequined harlequin battle it out for top honours on a 30 metre by 60 metre sheet of ice? No, not the world’s weirdest themed fancy dress party, but the Winter Olympic Games. (BURNING QUESTIONS) (DO FANCY COSTUMES Continue Reading

Denis Ten: The Figure Skater Who Put Kazakhstan on the Map | GameBreakers

There is no perfect success story. Ups and downs, injuries… ..bad and good impressions… ..it’s a collection of everything. True art is to be able to appreciate yourself and to accept yourself. No-one knows how many hours you spend training, how many injuries you suffered. No-one knows what’s behind the Continue Reading

Figure Skating vs Ice Hockey | Who Will be Best at the Other Sport? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) I’m Herberts Vasiljevs, Latvia, ice hockey. Herberts Vasiljevs! I love fast-paced hockey, the challenge, the competition and when a goal is scored, it’s unbelievable! (3-TIME OLYMPIAN, (TURIN 2006, VANCOUVER 2010, SOCHI 2014) I’m Valentina Marchei and I’m a figure skater from Italy. The good thing about our sport Continue Reading

Polina Edmunds Spins Between University and Figure Skating at the Olympics | Day Jobs

DAY JOBS (POLINA EDMUNDS, FIGURE SKATING, STUDENT, USA) I am all about confidence, hard work. Being an athlete, it is about knowing the rewards. Knowing that I have the talent and a gift and I can share it and show people what I can do. My name is Polina Edmunds, Continue Reading