[Eng] 눈 오는날 롤러스케이트 타기 Rollerskating with snow! [Hyojoo’s Life]

I am on my way to Banpo spot to roller skate instead of longboard. It’s too cold But I know it will be colder, so I am trying to roller skate as many as possible before it’s too cold It’s cold!! Oh, I think that I can spin better at Continue Reading

롤러스케이트 기본 점프 5가지, 5 Roller skating jump skill

I’m going to show you basic 5 jump skill (Roller skating) jump, 180jump, bunny hop toe jump, waltz jump I got these 5 roller skating jump skill today

(롤러스케이트 초보) 쉽게 뒤로타는 법 + 코너링

Hi guys, this is my last video on basic roller skating. I’ll tell you about how to roller skate backwards. My next video will be about how to roller dance for beginners, so if you need these videos, or just enjoy them, please subscribe. There are a lot of videos Continue Reading

[🇰🇷국내 여행] 롤러장 (Roller Skating Rink) [Korea Tour] [Eng Sub]

I’m going to the roller skating rink! Located in Garak-dong, and fare(2 hours) is 10,000 won for kids and 12,000 won for adults. Ready? Let’s go! I can run a lap soon because the track is really short. You can have beverages and snacks in the cafe, and there’s also Continue Reading