[VLOG] Autumn 2019 l Skating in Our Neighborhood, Halloween Desserts at Starbucks and more!

Autumn days in 2019… The colors changing in our neighborhood park We were on our skates and bikes to see a little fair in our neighborhood. A little game I used to play when I was little 🙂 Me: Open it and see what it says. Yubin: Sonyoodo? Volunteer: Sonyoodo, Continue Reading

홍어 먹어봤니?

(Have~ you~ subbed~ to~ me~?) (If you haven’t~ click on it down there~) (YangPang YouTube) (Yang Eunzi’s looking for something) (Yang Eunzi / 23 / Orangosaurus) PUNCH (Stretching her mouth for a mukbang) Is there anything you want to eat? Me? I’m going to have jjambbong today. They’re open till Continue Reading

[Eng] 눈 오는날 롤러스케이트 타기 Rollerskating with snow! [Hyojoo’s Life]

I am on my way to Banpo spot to roller skate instead of longboard. It’s too cold But I know it will be colder, so I am trying to roller skate as many as possible before it’s too cold It’s cold!! Oh, I think that I can spin better at Continue Reading

아이스 스케이팅 더블데이트 👫⛸ Ice skating at Somerset House

I just got to Debenhams to find my secret Santa gift which I ordered online. I am doing it with my sister, her boyfriend and my boyfriend so I came to collect order by myself. You will be able to find who I bought the gift for on Christmas day. Continue Reading

롤러스케이트 기본 점프 5가지, 5 Roller skating jump skill

I’m going to show you basic 5 jump skill (Roller skating) jump, 180jump, bunny hop toe jump, waltz jump I got these 5 roller skating jump skill today