Natural History Museum Ice Skating Rink London

HI Guys welcome back to London tonight we are starting at South Kensington South Kensington tube station is just there behind me tonight I’am headed to one of London’s festive ice skating rinks the tonight I’am going to check out the one at the Natural History Museum arguably one of Continue Reading

Somerset House Ice Skating London Skate Ice Rink Fortnum & Mason

ROBERTS LONDON Hi Guys welcome back to London tonight I’am going to go and take a look at one of London’s most famous ice skating rinks Somerset house it is definitely one of the most spectacular backdrops for any ice rink the building completely encloses the ice rink it is Continue Reading


Hello *intro music* How are you guys watch this great video intro music intro music intro music top ten worst skate accidents ever GO SUBSCRIBE DaeDae & TreyGivens OD Top ten worst skate accidents ever whats going on fellow members of the joog squad I hope you guys have had Continue Reading

My Birthday Bash + New Puppy! 🎂 | JENNTEMBER #4

Hiii! Did we just say that in the same pitch? Can we tell them what we’re about to do? Oh snap! We’re about to do a co-llab! in the making A co-llab, I love that! Or a collab! Actually I have no idea why I said it that way. We’re Continue Reading

Swimmers and Unicorns In Real Life!

– Good morning, guys! We are at Granny and Pappy’s still and we’re getting ready for another day of filming and we’re giving a horsie a bath! (lively synth music) Jacob the stud muffin helping me shampoo the horse. This horse right here is going to be a unicorn today. Continue Reading

Philippines: SM Seaside Mall Cebu and Ice Skating

[Music] we are now at the college here in hidden technology the open did not long ago and it one-off is not beeping it’s all here in it even as an ice skating ring and everything and here we’re going to take a look around and keep it [Music] so Continue Reading

The Animals – The House of the Rising Sun Mafia III Trailer 3 Casino Battlefield V !!!

There is… a house… in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy And God, I know I’m one. [Instrumental] My mother was a tailor! She sewed my new blue jeans! My father was a gamblin’ man! Down in New Orleans Continue Reading