Evan’s Review-Volkl Transfer 89 Skis 2018-Skis.com

Hi this is Evan I just got off the Volkl Transfer 89. I give this ski 4 out of 5 stars. It’s a twin tip but definitely favors more directional skiing. Lays down some great turns, definitely favors more hard packed snow It is going to be for your lower Continue Reading

U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team Announced | NBC Nightly News

Adam’s Review-Nordica Navigator 80 Skis 2018-Skis.com

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the new Nordica Navigator 80. 5 out of 5 stars for this ski, it’s really kind of designed towards your beginner to solid intermediate skier and this is a great value for you. Holds a good edge at speed, it’s very Continue Reading

The future stars of Pole Vaulting & Figure Skating train for Buenos Aires! | Youth Olympic Games

My name is Carolina Cabella and I’m a young reporter for the Youth Olympic Games. I’m from Buenos Aires, where the next Youth Olympic Games are taking place. I’m going to take you around my city and show you some of the things you can do here. As a hockey Continue Reading

What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

(haunting music) – [Sarah] When I go down the slope, it takes me three seconds to get from zero to 60 miles an hour. (dramatic music) (skis whooshing) I honestly can’t explain what it feels like, even after 15 years of doing the sport. My name is Sarah Hendrickson, and Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Rossignol Pursuit 600 CAM Skis 2018-Skis.com

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Rossignol Pursuit 600. I give this ski 5 out of 5 stars for your strong intermediate all the way up to expert level skier who wants something just loaded with energy, very quick and very tight turning this is the Continue Reading

Adam’s Review-Nordica Enforcer 93 Skis 2018-Skis.com

Hi I’m Adam and I was just skiing on the Nordica Enforcer 93. I give this ski 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a fantastic seller and for great reason. It’s one of those skis that does nearly everything very, very well. Hammer head blunt nose shape, 93mm under foot Continue Reading

2018 K2 Mens Inline Skate Buying Guide by InlineskatesDotCom

Thanks for joining us at InlineSkates.com. We’re going to run you through the 2018 K2 Men’s Inline Skate Buying Guide. This will give you the opportunity to research feature upgrades and price comparisons. Starting at the bottom and moving all the way up the line. First up the K2 Kinetic Continue Reading

Thom’s Review-Salomon XDR 79 CF Skis 2018-Skis.com

Hi I’m Thom I just got off of the Salomon XDR 79 CF. This is a 4 out of 5 star ski for me. It is definitely geared towards your athletic beginner or somebody who has rented few times, who really wants to push their skills to a solid intermediate Continue Reading

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall