Slalom Skiing and Getting Air?! Is it a good thing?

What’s up everyone Shaun Murray here and we are at the Delta in California we’re here for the 2019 Hyperlite HO product reveal and the cool thing about this is you’re not only get a see the newest the latest and greatest we get to try it out This is Continue Reading

How To Switch Butter 180 On Skis

Switch Butter 180s can be used to get back from Switch to forwards or just a shred around the mountain with style. Before learning Switch Butters, make sure you can ride Switch comfortably. To learn Switch Butters first learn how to ride on the tails of your skis, like a Continue Reading

Denís Cuerdo – SKATE

When I was a child, my brother used to skate, and watching him skate got my attention from the start. My family didn’t really see it with good eyes, and they finally bought me a skateboard when I was 10 years old – that’s when it all started. I’ve always Continue Reading

How To Flatspin 360 On Skis

Flat 360s are my favorite trick overall. I love the way you can do all different grabs easily and I love how everyone can do it with their own flair. Good tricks to be able to do before flat 360s are backflips with a grab, 540 with a grab and Continue Reading

How To Cork 360 & 540 On Skis

Nothing says control like a slow styled out Cork 360. A Cork 3 is when you spin a 360 off axis. If a Cork 3 is set slightly forward it is technically a Bio 360 and if it’s set a little bit too far sideways technically a Side flip. Before Continue Reading

Exploring China’s Skate Scene with Wang Huifeng

Hi, this is Taji from VICE New York, Brooklyn. Our colleagues from VICE China met up with Wang Huifeng, a skater in the city of Shengzhen for an episode of Skater’s Diary. Stay tuned. There are some skaters. Hello. You are good at skating. You are a pro. I’m flattered. Continue Reading

Bike & Hike: Schwarzensee und Zimnitz

Lasseralmbach Auberg Dowhill in the direction to the Moosalm Left turn: to Moosalm South bank Schwarzensee Restaurant Almstadl Road to Russbach Turnoff in forest path At the right way up Confluence with the Lippalmstraße 2x turn right into Leonsbergstraße Viewpoint at the distinctive serpentine The “Stone Mandln” come in sight Continue Reading

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Swimming Pool

True Vs. Orbital Flat 360 On Skis

A true flat 360 means that your feet go perfectly around the side of you. As if you were just sitting down mid-air and doing a 360. The more wobble or spin you have in any trick, the more patient and chill you have to be on take off to Continue Reading