Fastest Scooter Wheels EVER Made?

What think ah, oh my god, come on just All the ways Just Super-super unfortunate to see this right now We are currently in Marietta and there’s a massive massive fire coming over the top of that mountain You can actually see all the flames on the mountain just about Continue Reading

HowTo Freeline Skates / Step1 Bigin the Freeline!

YouTube can automatically translate of caption. This video is many language support. If the automatic translation is not correct, If you please make and send a subtitle file. “language.sub” Forwarding address email: [email protected] Please wear a protector and a helmet for safety. Step1 Begin the Freeline! Hi, My name is Continue Reading


(man) Look at that guy’s hood. It’s so big! (Ian) Shut up! (warping sound) ♪ How many fools can I kill today? ♪ ♪ Too many to count ♪ ♪ Don’t get in my way ♪ ♪ I shoot a mofo in the throat with my bow ♪ ♪ Tomahawk Continue Reading

Hunt Seat Arena 360

DUNN: Hi, my name is Erin Dunn. I’m the director of the Hunt Seat riding program here at Morrisville State College. In our outdoor arena today are sophomores, juniors, and seniors riding their assigned horses and working on elements that we’ve worked on in lessons throughout the week. Each student Continue Reading

Horse riding Day 8-6 – Almost first canter, over-hand 360 VR view, 5K

What’s up guys! I am doing my almost first canter Hit the road! Cantering Autumn makes me really feel good From last week, I started to ride two different horses The goal to be achieved is a month horseback traveling I know it is too idealistic for now though For Continue Reading

Horse riding day 6 – Adjusting stirrups testing insta360 one x 360 VR up to 5K

Adjusting stirrup is very simple Next to the busy horse eating might not be simple as much There must be numbered holes on stirrup leathers At the first day of the riding, I found my first number with the length of my arm But it has been changed several times Continue Reading

Hope on Horseback

Around the world, Adventist education serves as a platform of opportunity for thousands of students. Schools provide quality education to inspire a brighter future. Beyond that, Adventist education shares an even greater hope with its students: a hope in Jesus. In many cases, students have come to know a loving Continue Reading

Horse riding Day 8-2 – To mount a horse and walk into the arena, over-hand 360 VR view, 5K

Autumn is as usual But I am not because I am expecting him a better collaboration I feel like the stirrup on my right side is a little strange Let’s begin!