Snowboarding in New Zealand – Ennitime – Ep 1

It’s always nice to come to New Zealand. You get to snowboard again after the summer and see all the friends you don’t usually see during the summer time. The Snow Park is always in great shape and there’s a lot to ride. It feels like riding in Finland, as Continue Reading

Ski and snowboard race to the bottom – Red Bull Home Run Sweden 2011

We are back here in Are for Red Bull Home Run. This is my favorite event, I won it a year ago. There are more people now, I’m going to ski away from 350 people. It will be harder this year, Petter Nortugh is here. There are professionals here as Continue Reading

Slopestyle Snowboarding w/ Anna Gasser

Hello, my name is Anna Gasser and I’m a slopestyle snowboarder. I just love to snowboard because … it gives me a certain feeling that no other sport has been able to give me. There’s an incredible sense of freedom behind it and you are your own master in every Continue Reading

How To Choose A Snowboard | Shred Hacks w/ Xavier de le Rue

How Chloe Kim Made The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Halfpipe Snowboard Team

Announcer: “You know we never had any doubts that she would be the top one going in” Dew Tour was so much fun I was definitely very excited to come back and it went very well I landed a good run and I was able to win my first-ever Dew Continue Reading

Master a toe edge turn on a snowboard | How To XV

The toe side turn is one of the purest moves in snowboarding and should it be in pow pow or on the groomer a good toe side turn will make you feel like a king! So there are three phases to the toe side turn So it’s really important you Continue Reading

SNOWBOARDING JAPAN | Powder Snow day in Nozawa Onsen

I’m in a place called Nozawa Onsen in Japan the powder and snow it’s absolutely fantastic it’s kind of dumping a little it is snowing pretty heavily but the temperature is not as bad as yesterday and I got a new board which should be a little bit better for Continue Reading