A physics lesson about Snowboard turn shape: Part 2

Okay so there’s one other turn shape you might want to consider for race and that’s because of certain situations that can arise in a race course if you imagine this is a couple of gates in a race course and this is gonna start his turn right above the Continue Reading

Alpine Skiing at PyeongChang 2018 – Team Canada // Ski alpin à PyeongChang 2018

I think the best way to describe is really just stick your head out your car window when you’re going really fast. 130 kilometres an hour feels actually fairly safe, it’s 150, 155, that feels very uncertain. We have a good team. We’re putting in more effort. We’re all developing Continue Reading

A physics lesson about Snowboard turn shape: Part 1

Hi I’m Sean Martin President and Founder of Donek Snowboards in this video I’m gonna explain how the different side cut shapes that we’ve produced can affect your riding in order to ensure that everyone watching is one the same page I’m gonna start with some basic concepts and then Continue Reading

ICSD Video News: 2017 World Deaf Alpine Skiing & Snowboard Championships

From March 12 to 18th, 2nd World Deaf Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Championships took place in Innerkrems, Kärnten region, Austria. A total of 16 athletes from Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Finland, Japan and Russia participated in the snowboard competitions. A total of 36 athletes from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Continue Reading

Tramping (Hiking) Series: Overview

Kia Ora and welcome to the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council’s: Alpine Tramping Series. The series will be your guide as we dive in deep and discover 12 of New Zealand’s most scenic alpine tramps (hikes). Each episode focuses on an individual track and takes you through how to properly Continue Reading

Patagonia Men’s Kniferidge Jacket

Weatherproof, stretchy and incredibly breathable, the Patagonia Men’s Kniferidge Jacket is… offers the great freedom of movement and versatility for those when they are climb-ing the mountain just as much as when they are skiing back down. With a minimal and efficient design, this jacket is great and idea for Continue Reading

Freestyle Ice Skating | My Story

[Music] [Music] hi my name is Patrick and I am a passionate as freestyler my father put me on skates at the age of two he never forced me to skate he always tried to motivate me and showed me things in funny style I’ve always been an over average Continue Reading

Inside an 800,000-square-foot indoor ski resort

Yeah, skiing indoors is quite different. It’s also my first time. I do miss the sky and the wind and the scenery though. I’m looking at one right now, but it’s a painting. The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is hot all year round. Here, the temperature rarely falls below Continue Reading