Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest

Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today we’re going to do some hammock camping and some Nordic skiing here in the Carson National Forest So I found a pretty good place to camp here Found a couple of good nice Piney trees a little bit of snow coming down It’s not Continue Reading

Snowboarding Baldface w/ Moore, Iguchi, Lynn | Volcom Snow

“We are hanging out waiting for the helicopter to take us up to the one and only Baldface Lodge.” “We have the team, we have some of our in-house people, and we’re going to go shred powder at Baldface Lodge and we’re going to test product and talk about all Continue Reading

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review – Over 10 Hikes and Strong as Ever!

So this is a quick video review of the Montem hiking poles that I bought about six months ago. I’ve probably taken them out hiking about 10 times. I’ll just go through the things I like. I think that probably the thing I like best about them is the super Continue Reading

How to Set a Skin Track for Backcountry Skiing: The Fundamentals

– [Rob Hess] The art of setting a skin track is just that, an art. And when I set a skin track I’m thinking about a few things right off the bat. First would be safety, efficiency, and comfort. Those are my directives when I decide how I want to Continue Reading

Burton Skeleton Key – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Burton Skeleton Key. Bit of a wacky looking board and often one that’s a bit overlooked just because tip and tail shape seem to be a little bit out there and you’re just like “is that the right board of me?” Continue Reading

Program Overview | EA Ski & Snowboard

Hi I’m Eryn from EA Ski &Snowboard Training thanks for checking out our instructor courses. I understand it’s a big decision as I remember starting out over 10 years ago but it’s also a really exciting one. This quick video will give you an understanding of our program options to Continue Reading

Skiing in Andorra – La Massana, Pal/Arinsal – REVIEW

So it’s early morning 22nd of December 2019 and today we’re flying to Andorra skiing. We are currently at the Bristol Airport but we’re flying to Barcelona and then on the bus to Andorra. See you on the other side. So now we are in Andorra but there is no Continue Reading

Snowboard Academy: Is This a Movie? (Movie Nights) (ft. @MarzGurl)

[intro music] Snowboard Academy bring it home today on videocassette available from Columbia TriStar home video Hi guys, welcome back to Movie Nights. I’m here with my good friend Kaylyn Saucedo – [Kaylyn] Hi Thank you for having me today I’m so glad that you could fly out just for Continue Reading