Monkey Couple Are Pros At Water Skiing | Kritter Klub

Coasting through the waves Is that what I think it is? A monkey water skiing? in hot pink to boot^^ Hi! I’m Momo-chan Even through the strong current Maintains perfect balance Navigates corners like a boss Dude should go pro X games (monkey edition) Watch out! I’m making the ocean Continue Reading

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game Baby tiger sneaks up on its mom Baby gets glasses, and can see clearly for the first time. Look how the table has turned Dad cat very concerned about his son after surgery This little pup was so Continue Reading

Masha and The Bear – Holiday on Ice (Episode 10)

Oops. Pretty slippery. Oh, wow! Just like in the circus! Will you teach me to do it? Ah, whatever. Oh! Bear will teach me! Bear! The ice is very slippery, and I can’t skate! He’s sleeping again. You always sleep! Wake up! OK. OK, OK. Where does he keep his Continue Reading

Swimming with a Giant Saltwater Crocodile | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall

JACK: I’m researching the descendants of dinosaurs. Ah, I’ve got it. In the waters of Australia. CHARLIE: These things want to eat you. JACK: This is absolutely massive. JACK: I can see a little croc. I’m going to try and creep up and see if I can get it. He’s Continue Reading

Saturn’s Skate Rink | Weird But True! Shorts

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Havasupai Falls, Arizona – Hiking Back To The Hilltop | 4K | PT. 3 of 3

Morning Everyone! It’s 3:16am. And we’re heading out. Ok, we just dropped off our bags. And…we’re starting our hike. Ok, it’s 3:34am. And we just left the campground. We’re hiking up the hill next to the Havasupai waterfall. That’s the waterfall at night. What’s to the right? Hey fox! It’s Continue Reading

Masha and The Bear – Watch out! (Episode 14)

Bear! You hear me? I’ll be good now! Help me Yes, this will do just fine. And what if he sneezes? Well, we were just kinda… You know… Oh, that Well, it sorta happened like this… It’s a perfect day to ride in the sleigh! Oops. Whoo hoo! Why is Continue Reading

Swimming With a Small Shark | What Sam Sees

hey guys it’s me Sam okay we’re going on a dangerous dive down deep and dare to check out his species of fish that’s been ruling the waves since the age of the dinosaur have you seen it it has beady eyes a pointy fin really sharp teeth and it Continue Reading

Negotiation expert: Lessons from my horse | Margaret Neale | TEDxStanford

Translator: David Hsu Reviewer: Riaki Poništ I teach negotiation. I do research in negotiation. I write books in negotiation. And I work with students and executives to help them get more of what they want from their negotiations. And one of the biggest challenges that we face in negotiations is Continue Reading

나 이러다 죽겠어요 ㅠㅜ 하지만 오리들과 함께라면.. ㅣMichael Phelps Dog Can’t Stop Swimming To Stalk Ducks

Moongchi! Moongchi, come here! Moongchi! Among dem, Moongchi… is me. Totally obsessed with dem ducks (melodramatic) You’ll die like that! Come here! (I can’t hear ya) Moongchi! Moongchi! (Still not listening) Come here! Guardian/ If left alone, she can go for 2~3 hours Ah.. So that’s why.. You’ll die like Continue Reading