2019/20 Season at The Nutt

– [Announcer] Attention all skiers, snowboarders, and winter adventurers! Break free from overpriced season passes, costly winter vacations, and unreasonable lift ticket prices. Instead, feel the freedom of Massanutten, an authentic, independent, 100% employee-owned resort located outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Switchamaf**k | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Announcer: Karen wanted to grow up a little too fast. I hate being 13! Announcer: Until she wished on an old Civil War coin… Let me be a grown-up already. Announcer: …And woke up 30 years later. Oh, my God. I have boobs. I have a house. I have a Continue Reading

Whitney Bjerken | 5th Level 9 Gymnastics Meet | Courtney Kupets Pink Invitational

[music] (Siri) the destination is on your right [music] there it is [music] oh there they are…hope my camera doesn’t break [music] [techno music] [orchestral music] [Whitney’s floor music] [applause] [competition background noise] [music] (announcer) and with a 9.425 Whitney Bjerken is your first place floor [music] (announcer) and salute Continue Reading