We Painted a Horse! | Blakely’s Birthday Party

okay princess all right you ready to go let’s head over and get set up are we here yeah who do you see Oh baby Oh what are we getting likely a unicorn miss Brittany’s gonna – OH who’s this guy yeah okay how do they hide your fans likely Continue Reading

8 ГЛАЗ… паук-скакунчик охотится и кушает

Spider-horse ordinary (lat. Salticus scenicus) belongs to the family of horse Spiders (lat. Salticidae) The spider notices the slightest movement around itself thanks to three pairs of eyes located on the sides of the head Noticing with their help the victim, he slowly turns his head to her Two large Continue Reading

#18, Iran part 4, Isfahan – Märchen aus 1001 Nacht

We are in the Friday Mosque in Esfahan. It is the biggest Mosque in Iran,.. which is build during different time periods. It is built out of bricks.. .. with beautiful mosaics made out of bricks. At some spots you find colorful tiles, and at other spots impressive stucco.. .. Continue Reading

Shadi Ka Dhamal – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

My name is Kalia Don, you people are going for my daughters wedding, and you all look so sad. Come on dance and sing, if you look sad then I will shoot each and everyone, groom will be killed first. Jhumman, see to it that they dance till the end, Continue Reading

Demolition Derby: PETA’s Investigations Expose Horse-Racing Cruelty

Hi, I’m James Cromwell for PETA. I want to make a bet with you. One that I hope I lose. I’ll bet you that at least three horses will be killed on a racetrack today. Unfortunately, it’s a safe bet because every year more than one thousand horses die on Continue Reading

Young Blood: Fatal Breakdowns of Juvenile Racehorses

Every spring, at the Two Year Olds in Training Auction, young thoroughbreds are whipped into sprinting, at excessive speeds to impress potential buyers. These events are called “under tack shows.” Here, buyers are hoping to identify the next Kentucky Derby winner. The juvenile race horses are forced to run one-eighth Continue Reading

Siem Reap day 4: horse riding, cocktail making and Song Kra partying

Today is the fourth day, and we are off to the Old Market. We have a late start because of the sunrise tour yesterday. Today is a relaxed day. We are at the Artisan Village in Siem Reap, The things here are super pretty but a bit expensive. but they Continue Reading