Hiking to Inspiration Point at Chiricahua National Monument (#7/419)

I’ve learned from the Gila Cliffs episode now. I know how to say this one. Welcome to Chiricahua National Monument! Chiricahua National Monument is located in southeastern Arizona about 30 miles southeast of Wilcox. It was established on April 18, 1924, to protect its rhyolite pinnacles, hoodoos, and balance rocks. Continue Reading

Camelback Mountain Hike, Phoenix Az

Piestewa Peak. I think that used to be Squaw Peak The last time I climbed that thing, it was probably 45 years ago as a kid. Out there are the Superstition Mountains. That might be, I think that’s Scottsdale. We’re looking at it right there, Scottsdale neighborhoods. We’ve got light Continue Reading

RAW FOOTAGE: Surrounded by COYOTES hiking alone (CLOSE CALL)

[howling] [howling] Not quite sure what those are Eeek [louder howling] Oh! Oh, there’s a dog up there. Is that a coyote or a dog? [howling] Oh no! [rustling] Oh! [coyote whimpering] [howling] Oh boy. [howling from every direction] Are those coyotes?

Estrella Mountain Loop – Best Hikes in Phoenix Series

hello this is Bee Walker with Modern Canine Services and today’s hike takes us into Estrella Mountain park. The hike today is about 4.5 miles starting at the toothaker trailhead Regional Park requires an entry fee per vehicle at the time of our hike it was seven dollars once you Continue Reading

Piestewa Peak Summit Trail Full Hike (speed 5x)

The Piestewa Peak Summit Trail in Phoenix, Arizona is a 1.2 mile hike to the top of the city’s third highest mountain at an elevation of just over 2,600 feet. This video is of an afternoon hike up the Summit Trail taken with a GoPro camera in March 2016. The Continue Reading

Havasupai Falls, Arizona – Hiking Back To The Hilltop | 4K | PT. 3 of 3

Morning Everyone! It’s 3:16am. And we’re heading out. Ok, we just dropped off our bags. And…we’re starting our hike. Ok, it’s 3:34am. And we just left the campground. We’re hiking up the hill next to the Havasupai waterfall. That’s the waterfall at night. What’s to the right? Hey fox! It’s Continue Reading

8th Annual “Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson”

It’s the 8th Annual World’s Largest Swim Lesson… City of Maricopa Style! The turn out was great this is good Swim Lessons Save Lives As you can see, there’s all the kids The Parent and Infant class, Our Amazing seniors, and competitive swimmers So… There’s something for everybody out here Continue Reading