Hiking the Carpathians in Romania: Ceahlău Massif in Neamt County

So hello from Romania. I’m currently in Neamt County and we’re doing something a little bit different today because there is no Sam around. No, so we had signed up to do this hike and climb Ceahlău mountain in Ceahlău National Park but unfortunately Sam has hurt his neck so Continue Reading

Ice Skating in Bryant Park | Holiday Attractions in NYC | Midtown Manhattan

Hey, guys. Welcome back. Robbie here, along with my girlfriend Kathee. Kathee: Hi guys! The last few weeks I had been talking about all the things that you can do around Midtown in terms of like a lot of holiday stuff but today I figured it’s enough talking about it Continue Reading

Hiking Meteora’s Caves in Greece

Meteora’s monasteries may get all the attention, but if you look a bit closer at the landscape you’ll notice that it is dotted with caves – caves where men once dwelled! This is something that piqued our curiosity, so we devoted a whole morning to cave-hopping around the area. So Continue Reading

Hiking the Romsdalseggen (the Romsdalen Ridge) | VISIT NORWAY

The hike over Romsdalseggen is magnificent with its stunning views throughout the mountains. My name is Johannes, and I work as a nature guide in Norway. In this video, I will try to tell you what you need to know so you are prepared for your hike. The hike over Continue Reading

Exploring Ojai: Arts, hiking, funky shopping and travel tips for this hip California town

Hi, I’m Rosie, an editor at Where. Today we’re in Ojai, a small town nestled in a valley about 80 miles north of Los Angeles. Ojai is known for being an artsy, eco-conscious community with everything from gorgeous hiking trails to funky shops and luxury spas, and there’s a charming, Continue Reading

Spanish Riding School Vienna (Spanische Hofreitschule) – VIENNA/NOW Sights

For the breathtaking horses at the Spanish Riding School, an average workday starts much the same way as most of us should – with a morning exercise. Only the finest Lipizzaner stallions are selected to showcase their skills here. For more than 450 years, the Spanish Riding School has both Continue Reading