How to begin snowboarding [with subtitles] | Snowboard’a Nasıl Başlanmalı? [ALTYAZILI]

Hello Hello We are at Palandoken Mountain from Turkey Erzurum We are at Palandoken Mountain from Turkey Erzurum near Dedeman Hotel It’s me (Doamuhendisi) Now i want to tell you somethings. my snowboarding As you see how i learned to snowboarding? how i learned to snowboarding? I’m recording a video Continue Reading

Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Learns a Valuable Lesson | Strangest Moments

The very best athletes know that a bit of showboating can serve as a warning to their rivals. It sends a stark message – they can win with gas in the tank. Sometimes they get away with it, but sometimes the universe treats us to a delicious slice of instant Continue Reading

SECOND DAY SNOWBOARDING | snowboard beginner


Atomic Skate Skis 2015/16

Hallo, mein Name ist Simen Østensen ich bin gerade in Beitostølen zur Vorbereitung für die neue Saison. Das wichtigste Element bei jedem Skating Rennen ist, dass man einen leichten und schnellen Ski hat. Das Geniale an diesem Ski ist sein Nomex-Kern, der den Ski federleicht und trotzdem torsionssteif macht. Dieser Continue Reading

Atomic Redster XT skis 2016/17

Der Atomic Redster Doubledeck 3.0 XT ist der Top-Ski in unserer neuen Redster XT-Serie. Es ist eine Serie die dir Redster Race Technologie bietet – erstmals verpackt in einem High-Performance Pisten Ski. XT steht dabei für „Cross Turn“, denn sein Multi Radius Sidecut liefert den perfekten Mix aus Slalom- und Continue Reading

Rossignol | 3 Year Old Goes Heli-Skiing!

So the main question I have for you today is splashsuit with or without Superman cape? Here we go. We got radios, that’s for sure. We have to be really careful we don’t climb up onto the propellers because then they might swing us around and around and then we Continue Reading


Oh my God, they’re after me. I have to escape the meat processing factory! I will not be turned into a steak dinner! Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3. I’m playing as meat man. Say hello. Nice to meat Continue Reading

The Mistake That Cost Sven Kramer Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

There aren’t many rules to Olympic speed-skating. Get around the rink as quickly as possible. That’s the gist. The fastest man or woman wins. But there’s one rule you have to remember – there are only two lanes on the speed-skating track and you have to skate one lap in Continue Reading

Skiing On A Bike