West Coast Trail: Hike of a Lifetime

This wind and water sculpted landscape speaks of the ancient rhythms of the sea. When you’re here, you are in one of Canada’s special places, a national park protected as a treasured piece of Canada’s Pacific Coast. Backed by the Vancouver Island Range and facing the open Pacific Ocean, Pacific Continue Reading

Skiing Japan 2017 – Niseko, Rusutsu and Tokyo Bonus

Crazy little robot Crazy big robots at the Robot Resturant In Shinjuku, Tokyo So much awesome stuff! This trip was about 11 days in length. 7.5 Skiing 3.5 in Tokyo and Kyoto We stayed in Gran Hirafu which is a town at the base of Niseko United resort in Hokkaido Continue Reading

Hiking Smart: Packing for the West Coast Trail

To better help you be prepared for hiking the West Coast Trail, we’ve put a list together of things you need to bring. Starting with your pack, you’re going to want a pack that’s made of sturdy construction and good materials. You’re going to want a well-padded shoulder strap and Continue Reading

Female Skier Proves There Isn’t ‘One Thing’ That Defines You [Owning It]

People have said Oh she can’t be a real athlete, she’s a model look at her or vice versa, she looks like an athlete she’s got muscles, she’s a size 4 or size 6. She can’t be a model. It’s taught me a lot about confidence, and it’s taught me Continue Reading

UNEXPECTED Episode 5: Skiing Cooke City

My name is Brody Leven, a professional skier from Salt Lake City. My friend Adam and I have a history of road trips together, so we’re spending a year traveling around in different RVs and going on adventures with our friends. More than anything else, Adam and I identify as Continue Reading

GoPro Ski: Backcountry Skiing in Chile – The Magic of the Super C

Having traveled on all seven continents and been in every major mountain range in the world, one of the most magical places I’ve ever found in my whole life is this place right here, Portillo, Chile. Portillo is located high in the Chilean Andes. Right on the Los Libertadores Pass, Continue Reading