Record Breaking Backwards Limbo Skater

00:14 COMM: Eight-year-old Devisri Prasad is a record breaking limbo roller skater. 00:20 DEVISRI: I started skating when I was in first standard. I was six years old then. 00:31 COMM: In only two years he’s earned seventeen records and can limbo skate only eight and three quarter inches off Continue Reading

We’re Going On A Bear Hike

JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nothing in this world—not sex, not food—can top just casually going for an hour hike with a bear. JOEL ROSENTHAL: Nobody else in the world can do this. Nobody else in the world does this. COMM: At Point Of View farm in West Virginia, 74-year-old Joel Rosenthal lives Continue Reading

Wheelchair Skater Breaks SIX World Records | BORN DIFFERENT

Aaron: I think with just a little persistence, can turn a negative into something really cool. Everything I do in life revolves around riding in one way or another. I’ve had a couple of bad crashes definitely hit my head a few times. Charlee: It is so scary to watch Continue Reading

7-year-old Sets New Limbo Skating World Record

00:10 SUSAN MCGREGOR: I would say RoboVault is the Fort Knox of storage. 00:14 COMM: RoboVault in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been providing the ultimate in secure storage since 2009. And it’s trusted to store millions of dollars worth of art, wine and exclusive car collections. 00:29 SUSAN MCGREGOR: Nothing Continue Reading

Caught On Camera: Skiers Caught In Avalanche

COMM: These three skiers had a lucky escape after being caught in a dangerous avalanche. COMM: Danes Kristian Klausen, Thomas Mohl and Nicolai Kanstrup were off piste in Whistler, Canada last year, when one of them accidentally triggered the mishap. COMM: Thomas started to traverse a steep slope, shortly after Continue Reading

My Intestines Got Sucked Out In A Swimming Pool | TRULY

Salma: I’m basically in pain 24/7. Salma: I had an accident happen at a swimming pool. Salma: It was so traumatic. Salma: My mom actually thought it was like my bathing suit or something. Salma: There was a doctor there and he’s like, “Those are intestines.” Salma: It was horrible. Continue Reading

Record Breaking Limbo Skater: 6-year-old Skates Under 39 Cars

COMM: Balanced just inches from the floor, this tiny six-year-old has taken the limbo skating world by storm. COMM: Now Gagan Satish, from Karnataka near Bangalore, is waiting to be confirmed the world’s best. COMM: Gagan took up the sport after his parents Hema and Rajanna Satish bought him a Continue Reading

Horse And Baboon Are Animal Best Friends

00:05 COMM: They may seem like unlikely friends but Jericho the horse is perfectly happy to let this baboon laze on his back while they both soak up the sun. 00:20 COMM: These working horses and wild baboons live side by side in the fields next to the Monkey Land Continue Reading

She’s My Fiancée AND My Carer | LOVE DON’T JUDGE

COMM: This is Candy, she fell in love with Max. COMM: As an interabled couple, they’re no stranger to tough judgment. CANDY PARFITT: There was the guy who asked me how much you pay me. MAX STAINTON: Oh, in the street, yes, yeah. CANDY PARFITT: To be your girlfriend, yes. Continue Reading

Man Born Without Arms And Legs Lives Life Without Limits | BORN DIFFERENT

GABE ADAMS: Do I ever wish that I have limbs? Of course. But I know that I don’t have arms and legs for a reason so I am just going to live my life as best as I can. GABE ADAMS: I’ve definitely had to push myself mentally to be Continue Reading