Thom’s Review-Blizzard Bonafide Skis

Hi I’m Thom, I just got of the all-new Blizzard Bonafide. This is a 5 out of 5 star ski for me. This has been one of my perennial favorites and they manage to make it even better this year. Kind of reduced the rocker profile a little bit, widened Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : Linking Turns on a Snowboard

In this segment, after you’ve learned your J-turns, we’re going to go ahead and put those two different turns together. And, that’s called linking your turns. Basically, you’re just going to want to do your J-turns with a small pause instead of a stop in between. And, that’s how you Continue Reading

How to 50 50 a Rail on a Snowboard – Snowboarding Tricks

Welcome to Snowboardprocamp This is Kevin and I’m a snowboard coach in Whistler, BC Here are some tips to help you 50/50 a down rail There are a few tricks you want to have mastered before attempting a down rail: 50/50 s on a down box Box a gap to Continue Reading

Beginner Snowboarding Stance Tips

So a good stance is to be balanced nice bent knees Spread your legs out, so your your width of your stance should be about the width of your shoulders, so just like that and then if you keep both your feet pointed forward like this that’s a neutral zero Continue Reading

Rob’s Review-Arbor Foundation Snowboard

Hey, I’m Rob. Just got done riding the Arbor Foundation. I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a low level board. It’s an entry-level all-mountain board so it’s pretty soft-flexing. The rocker shape makes it really, really easy to roll over on edge but you’re gonna want to Continue Reading

How to begin snowboarding [with subtitles] | Snowboard’a Nasıl Başlanmalı? [ALTYAZILI]

Hello Hello We are at Palandoken Mountain from Turkey Erzurum We are at Palandoken Mountain from Turkey Erzurum near Dedeman Hotel It’s me (Doamuhendisi) Now i want to tell you somethings. my snowboarding As you see how i learned to snowboarding? how i learned to snowboarding? I’m recording a video Continue Reading

How to Swim Faster Freestyle Instantly: 3 Mistakes Beginner Swimmers & Triathletes Make

If you’re either a beginner triathlete, or you’ve been swimming for a while and you’re just looking to get a little bit faster, stick around and I’ll tell you the three most common mistakes that new swimmers make. Ok, the first most common mistake, and even experienced swimmers are guilty Continue Reading

Kids Skiing – Learning How to Ski with New Generation Ski School

Two little boys took a stroll in the snow For our first ski adventure with Zoe the Pro On went the bibs – not quite down to our knees And steady and ready we clipped on our skis. Off we go! We’re not standing still And the magic carpet takes Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : How to Strap into Snowboard Bindings

In this segment, we’re going to learn a little bit about our bindings, the things that hold your feet to your board. They?re pretty important. You want a good relationship with them. This here is their highback. This would be your heel strap and toe strap. These are your ladders. Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : How to Carve Heelside on a Snowboard

In this segment, we’re going to be talking a little bit about how to make a toe to heelside turn. It’s the same basic concept as the one you just did. It’s just about shifting your weight from your toes to your heel edge and confidence. Let’s go do it. Continue Reading