ADLEY LEARNS TO SWIM UNDERWATER!! My Secret Birthday Party in a Backyard Pool with the Family :)

Adley Skate Routine! Ultimate 3 year old skateboarder!! (new backyard skatepark)

Adley learns to Skate – what we do in our backyard! (and play picnic with mom)

Skiing On A Bike

MERMAID swimming in SHARK water!! Beach Day at the Backyard Lake with Adley and Baby Niko!

My turn! (whooshing) – [Dad] Whoo! That was a good throw! My turn! – [Mom] Ohhh… – [Dad] Oh! You okay? Yeah. – [Dad] Holy cow! You are tough! Welcome to another best day ever! Best day ever! What are we gonna do today? We’re gonna go swimming! Yeah, we’re Continue Reading

SWIMMING POOL inside the HOUSE!?? Barbie Dream Boat Pretend Play with Dolphin Magic 🐬

– How are we gonna get all this water outside? – Oh no! – Grab it. It’s too heavy for me. It’s spilling. – It’s not going to fit through that door. – I will dump it down the stairs. Whee. Whee. (singing) – (laughing) The Dolphin. – Okay, this Continue Reading

Kids Play at Ultimate Water Park!! Adley learns to water slide and Niko floats around!

– [Adley] Hey butterflies! – Yes. – [Dad] We’re going on the purple slide. – Whee! (upbeat music) – Whoa. Come on, dad! – Whoop! (water gurgling) (baby cooing) – One, two, three, go! – Ahhh! (water gurgling) (upbeat music) – Morning, hi, hahaha! I missed you guys. – I Continue Reading

Future Surf Pro

– No, don’t hit me! No, no! You got me! – We’re starting the day off with delicious crepes, and we’re gonna have the best day ever. – Wanna try a bite? (baby cries) Oh it’s so yummy! – Adley does not want to try my crepes. (crying) – Okay, Continue Reading

Adleys FIRST DAY of School!! Meeting New Friends and My Teacher! (Morning Routine and Shoe Shopping)

(engine revving) – Hi! – Hi! – We’re going to school! – Yeah! Emily! – [Shaun] First day of school, high five! – Shaun, Shaun. – What? – Our first day of Hogwarts. (Shaun laughing) – [Shaun] Oh man, these kids are hyped. Go get ’em kids, graduate. – Dad, Continue Reading