Day of the Dead bowl skating competition

Let’s start with Deshuesadero, Red Bull Deshuesadero! Let’s go with the first place winner… Emilio Fernandez! A round of applause for Emilio.

Ride With this Unique New Orleans Bike Club

– First of all, we’re girly-girls. We like to be cute, but we still get dirty. Every time we come out, our shoes, our outfits are always matchin’, our makeup is done. Is it hard to ride in heels? No, because if you can walk in them, you can probably Continue Reading

Team CCC Truck Tour | Behind The Scenes At The Tour de France 2019

(electronic music) – I’m at the Tour de France and I’m excited because our mates at Cadex have helped get us a behind the scenes look inside the CCC team mechanics truck. So, we’re going to go inside and have a look, but before I do and show you all Continue Reading

An Airbag Bike Helmet Could Save Your Life | HowStuffWorks NOW

A group of researchers at Stanford have put bike helmet air bags to the test. How do they hold up? First, in case you aren’t aware, there are bike helmet air bags. Typically, they’re packed inside a pouch that you wear around your neck. The pouch has sensors on it Continue Reading

@TorontoPolice Bike Helmet Giveaway at St.Francis Xavier School | P.C. Peter De Quintal

we’re here at St. Francis Xavier, and we’re giving away 525 bike helmets… basically we’re giving out a helmet to every student here in the school today. We need kids know that they need to wear a helmet.. We’re becoming such a cycling-friendly city, that we need our youth to Continue Reading

RIDING SALZBURG!! – Searching Downhill Trails and Urban Riding! | Luis Gerstner

“It’s prohibited to ride bikes here” – Here? The road??? – “This is recreational area, this kind of bike isn’t allowed here” – Ok… I got a flat!! Rip. Welcome to Salzburg, where I’m living now. I’m on the Gaisberg with my Enduro. No clue if there are trails, as Continue Reading

Trail Riding In Wonderland | Patagonia Epic Ride Special

– We’re in Patagonia for an epic ride – Don’t you think it’s going to be the most epic ride we’ve ever done? – Dude, it’s gonna be. So what does an epic ride involve? Mountains, great food, views, trails, adventure and people. And we’ve been invited by Niner to Continue Reading

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Mobike ride | Wow Kidz

Motu patlu, I have to jump over 100 cars with this bike and create a world record. Shine this bike so well, that public would be amazed on seeing it. Ok sir. This bike costs Rs Five crores if anything happens to it, you both will have to pay the Continue Reading

Blake vs Chris | GMBN Mountain Bike Jib Off!

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Today we find ourselves in the streets, in Bristol in the UK. We’re out here on two different bikes to have a game of bike. – Yeah, we got one heavyweight bike, 23.5 kilo e-bike, 2.8 tires, it’s a bit of a monster on Continue Reading

How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet

How to Properly Fit a Bicycle Helmet. It’s critical to have a bicycle helmet that fits, so it can protect your head during a bicycle accident. You will need A measuring tape A bicycle helmet and foam pads. Step 1. Use a measuring tape to measure your head’s circumference. This Continue Reading