A Wheelchair Designed for Hiking

(calm piano music) (peaceful piano music) (camera clicking) (foreign language) (foreign language) (happy music) (happy music) (light horn music) [Group] Yay!

Swimming From Alcatraz to San Francisco 48 Times

– [Narrator] This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo. Established 1852. Re-established 2018. (elegant music) – [Mitali] The water we swim in is dangerous, and someone has died in it. Growing up, I had people tell me that the water was so dangerous that there were three Continue Reading

Racing With an Olympic Speed Skater

– [Brittany] When you’re getting on the ice and pairs of skaters are already racing before you, it can be very, very noisy, but the second I step on the ice for my race, I become hyper focused. My name is Brittany Bowe, and I am an Olympic long track Continue Reading

This Roller Derby Team Is Jamming for Representation

(piano notes) (group chanting) (group screaming) – I joined Team Indigenous to be a part of something bigger than myself. – It’s very important that we have visibility as native people. – I just think it’s like important to see somebody that looks like you at the top level. (happy Continue Reading

Grooving at California’s Most Retro Roller Rink

– [Dominic] It’s a rarity to go to a rollerskating rink and find live music there. – [Narrator] Most other roller rinks have gone digital. But head to Southern California, and you’ll find one of the last remaining rinks to employ a live organ player. (funky music) – My name Continue Reading

How You Can Hike, Bike, Ski and Dive for Science

(ambient music) – I’ve always just tried to push myself to see the world and explore. Eventually, I found myself really concerned about the fact that I was spending my time in the outdoors without doing anything beneficial for the world. I started Adventure Scientists believing that there would be Continue Reading

Base Jumping + Mountain Skiing = Extreme Ski-Base Jumping

– Three, two, one, see ya. Base jumping is already the most dangerous sport in the world. Ah! Then you’re also mixing that with big mountain skiing. You’re combining full intensity sports in an unforgiving environment. The risk factor is definitely pretty high. (upbeat music) I am Matthias Giraud, aka Continue Reading

Using Math to Skate On Thin Ice

– [Marten] The ice is typically around 5 centimeters when I skate on it. That sound you hear is actually a combination of two sounds. It’s the sounds from cracks striking beneath me and the vibrations within the ice plate itself. It sounds like it’s something super sonic. (bright upbeat Continue Reading

What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

(haunting music) – [Sarah] When I go down the slope, it takes me three seconds to get from zero to 60 miles an hour. (dramatic music) (skis whooshing) I honestly can’t explain what it feels like, even after 15 years of doing the sport. My name is Sarah Hendrickson, and Continue Reading

Roller Skating Is Back, and It’s Got Moxie

(bouncy, energetic music) – [Michelle] When I’m skating with these women, I feel on fire. I love roller skating so much that I decided that I was gonna bring it back for everyone. (bouncy, energetic music) I’m Michelle Steilen, better known as Estro Jen, and I’m the Founder of Moxi Continue Reading