The Civil Rights Era Roots of Roller Skating

– [Narrator] How would I describe the vibe of Cascade on a Sunday night? You would see 500, 800, 1,000 people in the facility. You have this culture that has been created, and it’s just growing out of control. And you don’t really experience that anywhere else but here. (upbeat Continue Reading

Ride With this Unique New Orleans Bike Club

– First of all, we’re girly-girls. We like to be cute, but we still get dirty. Every time we come out, our shoes, our outfits are always matchin’, our makeup is done. Is it hard to ride in heels? No, because if you can walk in them, you can probably Continue Reading

South Korea’s Figure Skating Prodigy

When I skate, I feel like I’m flying on the ice and it feels really good. This Great Big Story was made possible by Lego: Play Her Way. My name is Young Yoo. I’m 15 years old and I’m a figure skater who represents South Korea. I was 6 years Continue Reading

Circling the Globe in a Solar-Powered Plane

(upbeat music) – There are so many people in life, they forget to dream, because they’re afraid of going out of their comfort zone. – [Narrator] 13 years ago, two enterprising pilots shared a dream to achieve the impossible. Their goal? To build the first solar-powered plane to fly around Continue Reading

Riding the Wall of Death

(engine revving) (carnival music) – The first ride is the straight-wall ride. The second act is our go-kart. So it’s four wheels this time. Third act, it’s riding one of these lovely ladies. And we do hands-off, standing up hands-off, sitting on the side, standing on the side, a whole Continue Reading

These Hungarian Horsemen Predated the American Cowboy

(fast-paced, bouncy violin music) – [Narrator] Before the cowboys of the Wild West, there were Hungary’s Csikós, horseman of the Puszta, Hungary’s Great Plain. There way of life is centuries-old and blends tradition with death-defying riding. They are some of Europe’s greatest horsemen. – [Narrator] The Csikós are tasked with Continue Reading

A Blind Horse and His Best Friend

– Riding a blind horse, that’s a little different. But to me it don’t make much difference. He’s a pretty good friend. He’s just tickled to death to be rode. I think he knows that he got eyes then, and he just jumps up and down and runs and really Continue Reading

Hip-Hop and Horses

– [Baldenna Tha King] Houston rap to me is the backbone of hip-hop, but the music that I make is different. ♪ Trailride in my city ♪ There’s no one in my lane that’s doing what I’m doing. I’m Baldenna Tha King, and I make trail ride rap. ♪ “Trailride Continue Reading

Riding (Horses) for Compton

(upbeat music) – The main thing people think about Compton is you go into Compton and everybody’s gang-banging at you and shooting at you but it’s really not like that. There have been times that people have made rude comments while we were at a competition. One of the girls Continue Reading

A Paralyzed Rider’s Mission to Become World Champion

– A horse knows what they’re supposed to do by what your legs are asking. The way you sit in that saddle, the way your legs move, the way your calves tighten, the way your feet bump a horse, all of those things are communication. I guess you could say Continue Reading