Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing Battle. Here we go! The rules for this battle are simple. Catch a fish, add up the points. The two guys with the most points move on to the big fish finale. What up gang, Cody here. I feel Continue Reading

That Time I Really Hurt My Vagina • Biking

– I’m here to tell you about the time I hurt my vagina. – I’m pretty sure I got a concussion that day. My family, we like to vacation at lakes. – My dad, my brother, and I would go out every Sunday and ride our dirt bikes. – This Continue Reading

Brian’s Favorite Way To Start The Morning! Sailing vessel Delos Ep. 220

This is what sailing’s all about, I think. Some magic mornings like these. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] [NON-ENGLISH SINGING] (SINGING) Onetox represents Solomon Island people see. We people styles originally from my homeland. Like my old man say, there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this message to me Continue Reading