What age should you break a horse to drive? Immature horses etc.

Seren is a three year old mare that we broke to drive. Although she is going happily in single out on the roads, in a rubber bit, in our opinion she needs to go home and physically mature before starting a full driving career. At the moment her quarters are Continue Reading

Driving a single (strong-willed pony).

We’ve got a car coming past now, so I’ve got the reins slack nothing on him at all, and he’s not taking any notice. What I’m going to do now, I’m going to take the brake off this vehicle and ask him to hold it. See him hold the whole Continue Reading

Breaking a 12yo riding horse to harness – Bertie the piebald cob.

Bertie is a 12 year old riding cob. His owner wanted him broken to drive as she could no longer ride him. This video shows what he achieved get time with us. Although we do not believe that two wheelers are better for newly-trained horses seeing as a horse can Continue Reading

Training driving donkeys to stand still (groundwork lesson).

So what we’re going to do is ask Sarah to walk out the door and ask her to stand Ok then walk out the door. That’s it, then once Sarah’s got (this is Sarah leading Sarah the donkey) her over there, then Tracey walks out the door, and just ask Continue Reading

Riding a shire – confidence building under saddle with a heavy horse.

Roxy is a 5 1/2yo shire mare that came to us for reschooling after she bolted with a chain harrow with her owners. We were asked by her owners to break her to ride while she was with us for retraining and this is her first time under saddle. You Continue Reading

Horses rearing/bolting when being put to carriage – after training.

Bring yours up Alan. Take him back down there. Stand still. See I’m standing here, I haven’t “got hold” of this horse particularly, I can hold him with one finger, his mates just gone away, coming back up, Comes back up to me come up when you’re told, that’ll do. Continue Reading

Breaking a Cleveland Bay horse to ride

Suki, a five year old purebred Cleveland Bay mare came to us straight from the breeder as her new owner wanted her to be broken to ride and drive. This film shows the work we have done with her under saddle. This is the first time she was backed by Continue Reading

Discipline and horses – breaking spirit vs teaching manners. Naughty horse or poor handling?

This horse here he’s supposed to be a commercial horse and doing its job. I don’t know, the woman’s had it a few months so I don’t know, its not for me to judge anybody else, I’m merely saying he’s a commercial horse. You open the door and the first Continue Reading