Epic hiking among the Giants of the Swiss Alps 👣 🇨🇭 A Walk Across Europe III

Hi, my name’s Ashley and in 2017 I went for a walk… a 2800 mile walk across Western Europe. From baking hot Spain to the icy mountain passes of the Alps, this is my adventure! After Spain and France this would be the third stage of my walk across Europe. Continue Reading

Meet the Woman Balancing a Career in Architecture & Professional Hockey | Mission Unstoppable

professional goalie Kimberly Sass is one fierce hockey player but surprise she’s also an architect I love art and that you kind of create your own rules whereas architecture the rules are kind of presented to you we all know that architects design buildings but did you know that architectural Continue Reading

Metsäsuksilla Helvetinjärvellä | Yö ulkona -15°C

Hey guys, and hello from Helvetinjärvi National Park in Finland Let´s head out for 24 hours again On this one we´ll head to the more remote areas of the park no tourists, very quiet backcountry I´ve got my new forest skis. Thanks for joining me! It´s the 24th of January Continue Reading


My parents put me and my brother into sports at a pretty young age. Something that I’m actually really thankful for. One of these sports was skiing. I think since neither of them did any skiing, they wanted us to get the chance to try it out. Now, I think Continue Reading


hey guys it’sa me tiago the french inline skater! i’ve been to portugal this week with my family that i only guet to see like once or twice a year! I wanted to make some videos there, but haven’t really been able to because, my family had a lot of Continue Reading